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Vision Packs In Ninja

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I'm reading all of this (Please login or register to see this link. ) to see if I can figure it out but thought I would ask anyway. How do I add the vison packs so they show in Ninja? I would assume copy everything over except for these items as stated in the read me  : 


"Vision Packs are supported in NINJA.
But you need to swap the 3 MyVideo.xml files located in

\skin\Wheel Fade\720p\

with the corresponding one from
\- Help and ShortCuts\- Common Reconfig Helpers\Full Animation Skins\skin\ ... \720p\MyVideo.xml.

This enables all art possible in NINJA, Premium & Vision alike.
You need to reboot NINJA however"   



Will try once I get home but thouht someone might have done it before and could shed some light. The packs I'm transferring are the ps1 shump packs, adults only pack and mario pack. I would assume it wouldnt be that hard just by looking at the other ps games I have in there and basically "mirror" what I already have working. I've also posted in the Back-ups.me , and the Coinops forum.


Thanks !! 


EDIT: Figured it out, sort of. Just have to follow directions on Please login or register to see this link.

lots to read but its all there. Did a couple of tests and it turned out ok but to add xbox games still have to get the "resources" to make it look professional/good which isn't easy if you have hundreds of games :(  will probably only put the "good ones" in there. And I have to learn how to use gimp or some other editing tools to add the background with the cutout for the xmv preview......

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