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XBox Kasumi Blue Dead or Alive Console

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Hello everyone, 

I am selling my Xbox Kasumi Blue Dead Or Alive console on eBay for a low price and just wanted to let you guys know:

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Happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Good luck. 


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      Hiya, I have been lucky enough to pick up a Xbox with a X3 chip. Planning to add a 2TB HDD and LCD screen.
      If anyone can point me to any good tutorials that would be great.
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      Let me begin by articulating my end goal: I would like to transfer my ripped Xbox games to my HTPC. I'm hoping I can use an Xbox emulator rather than the console. I prefer my PC controller and the HDMI connection on my HTPC. 
      Since the day I got it modded, I could never get the XBpx to connect to the internet. I can't connect using the Unleash X dashboard or the regular Xbox dashboard. A few days ago, I bought the "usb to XBox cable" to see if I could transfer the files directly to a usb stick, but I couldn't figure out a way to do that either.. I've watched videos and read posts of how to transfer via FTP, but I can't even get an IP address assigned to the console.
      I'm convinced that the ethernet port is dead. However, 1) the light on the ethernet port is on (in the back of the console) and 2) the normal Xbox dashboard recognizes that a cord is connected - it just won't receive an IP address.
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      I am connected to a "network extender" that connects my home theater equipment to the internet. Here are some pics of my settings and error messages:


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