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Aladin Xt 4032 Modchip

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I just installed an aladin xt 4032 modchip on an 1.6 xbox.  Everything works and went well.  But I noticed after I turned off my xbox the red led on the modchip still stays on.  Is this normal?

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ive heard this is normal but you can disable it by soldering 2 points on the chip itself. not 100% sure

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Yes, for a v1.6 Xbox it will stay lit as the power line connected to the LPC header pin 6 is an always-on voltage source unlike the switched supply found on v1.0-1.5 consoles. 

Installation instructions should have mentioned removing pins 4 and 6 from the 2x6 header before installing it in the LPC Debug port.

If you really want it to go off, remove pin 6 from the header and supply power from an alternate 5Vdc switch power source on the motherboard.

For more info, see: Please login or register to see this link.  

Not sure why he needs the flash drive mentioned at 6m04s. Probably for use with the older version of Hexen Shambles Edition instead use Please login or register to see this link. found in the downloads section here at ogXbox.com.

Update: Yes, that was the reason, the BIOS file for v1.6 Xbox was older on the Hexen Shambles Edition disc than he wanted to use. Therefore, he downloaded additional software and copied it to the Xbox's HDD.  The updated BIOS is already present on Hexen 2017 so those steps are not necessary.

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