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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By mikeaton
      I have a board I wanted to get out there in the scene but right now I’m getting out of the Xbox scene so I’m just dumping all my board deigns - OXControllr is a baord that slips into the controller port and gives you full usb and a power button if you have done the power button mod

      OXControllr v2.zip
    • By psnap777
      I have completely taken apart a 1.0 system and removed the clock capacitor, cleaned the CPU, GPU and both heat sinks and reinstalled them with good quality thermal paste. I intend on TSOPing this system. I know it has to be soft modded first. I’d like to solder the two points on the board to unlock write capability of the EEPROM while the system is apart. Is it okay to do this , then put the system back together, do the Softmod and finally the TSOP flash? Or do I have to put the system back together and do the Softmod before I solder the points on the board? Thanks for your help. 
    • By furon
      As we know, v1.2-1.4 Xboxes don't have an easily-accessible LFRAME# signal, so modchips work on the assumption that the southbridge will never abort a cycle early by asserting LFRAME# and driving 0b1111 onto LAD[3:0]. That may be true for memory read cycles, but what about memory writes and I/O read/write cycles? Besides a timeout (which shouldn't happen anyway if long wait states are used), is there ever a case where the MCPX might abort an LPC cycle?
      EDIT: I may have posted this in the wrong section. I need this info for a hardware mod, but it might be better suited in the Modchip or General forum. Sorry about that.

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