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  1. OXC-20180729T022232Z-001.zip heres all the board designs
  2. Ive been working on an open source legal modchip project, here's a pic of my first one. Yes the soldering is rough (thats being nice) but its basically an Aladdin open source clone with XBlast
  3. Yes it really works.
  4. well coin ops does look horrible
  5. No built and tested, just dumping everything. Kaos will be recieving all of my left over boards.
  6. OXC_XBOX_EEPROM_Read_n_Writr_v2.zip
  7. I have a board I wanted to get out there in the scene but right now I’m getting out of the Xbox scene so I’m just dumping all my board deigns - OXControllr is a baord that slips into the controller port and gives you full usb and a power button if you have done the power button mod OXControllr v2.zip 31BDF9E9-7C05-471B-AC92-47031FF3A7F3.MOV
  8. I have a LPC Rebuild Board called the OXC LPCorrectr. I have included the files needed to have it made and it’s completely open sourced. .6 thick OXC_LPCorrector_v2.zip
  9. I have a new LPC Rebuild board I’ve been playing with
  10. Just wanted to say Hi. I know ive chatted with some people and some people i expect ill chat with down the line.

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