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Softmod Error Code 6

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so i gave my brother a v1.6 softmod so he could toy with it and play some games.

had it set up nice with xbmc4gamers

started to show him what goes on with that skin and then it just black screened and reset...

now error code 6!!! over and over. then all of a sudden it boot again.


now. back to error code 6. never booting again. race home and install stock drive and error code 9!!!! omg wtf!!!!!!!

i have a mod chip here. could be an easy fix... but...
i have tried the ide cable and the adapter, not the problem.


one insight. i had the jumper set to slave when it was first booting,
its strange because i had set-up the entire XVGM on this console and then xbmc4gamers because i didnt like xvgm for this one. it just wasnt as stable.

dont know. bad hdd? how do you explain the stock drive giving an error? strange.

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New drive error 6 - cannot unlock the drive.  HDD locked with a different Xbox's HDDKey.

Old HDD now giving error 9 sounds like the old HDD is dying.  Try reseating  all of IDE connectors: MB, DVD and HDD.

Make sure the HDD is set to MASTER or Cable Select.

Don't know how it was working when set to SLAVE.

Clock cap leaked electrolyte corroded traces on the bottom side of the board can cause phantom power on/off symptoms.

Four (4) fine traces run along the outer edge of the motherboard from the Front Panel connector to the System Management Controller (SMC) either a PIC processor v1.0-1.5 or Xyclops v1.6.

For v1.1 boards, these traces from innermost to outermost are:

  • SMC pin 2 (RED LED control line) to an in series resistor (R3V2) on to LED PNP drive transistor (Q2V2).
  • SMC pin 3 (GREEN LED control line) to an in series resistor (R3V3) on to LED PNP drive transistor (Q2V1).
  • Voltage-divider processed Eject button signal to SMC pin 5.
  • Voltage-divider processed Power button signal to SMC pin 18.

The SMC (PIC processor) on a v1.1 motherboard is at location U7B2.

The 4 traces seen on the lower right-side of the above image.

I've not traced out these signals on a v1.6 console to verify that they are in the same order or to which Xyclops pin they attach. :(

Damage visible as tiny breaks in the traces.

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Hey, I just wanted to follow up.

It sat for a week and i plugged it in today to see it boot. very surprising.

it then shortly after gave the same results as before.

i tore it down to inspect for signs of fault in the hardware.

i remembered something loose inside when id last put it all back together. sure enough i found a bolt lodged in under the board.... hmmm, it works after cleaning it all up and removing the bolt. not sure exactly where that liitle guy was, maybe stopping the fan or something?

i cant say for sure the bolt was lodged under the board but i can say getting it out has given results. boots every time and never crashes. VERY ODD. wonderful to fix tho.

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