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Name: wouter

Location: netherlands


I am a gaming enthousiast. 

I have a rack made from an old bed for evening fun with friends. 

On that rack I have 8 22" televisions with 8 xboxes to play games on a lan connection.

I always try to get the best display quality possible,  currently all is component.  It is a lot of work to connect this. 

Currently making wii2hdmi connectors fit the all mighty xboxes,  with succes. 

Will post a tutorial! 




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Interesting, but if I'm not mistaken those HDMI converters would be exact quality as component with some additional input lag. Pre 1.6 Xboxes can also output RGB via VGA with modded bios, I don't know how it compares vs YPbPr in terms of visuals.

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Do not know that either,  but the delay is minimal, although i do not notice it. 

The video quality is equal to component,  normaly your tv will convert this,  which also gives display lag. 


For my use this is the ideal solution. 

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Above that,  the quality of the component cables you get now a days is crap at best. 


The only good component cables are the monster ones and the originals. 

Have broken more than a few 360 cables to make them. 

This is cost effective and you can use it on newer tv sets. 

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I 100% agree, have one of these no-names cables. Quality is very bad and cable is prone to interference making pinkish artifacts on screen. I've been thinking of reusing its connector with 360 cable as you mentioned.

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Change it to 360 cavles,  it will change your world completely. 

The plastic from the connector is locked at the side,  if you prone 2 pieces of metal at both sides it will come of withou damage. 

After that you can build it up completely as a new cable,  you can't tell if it is opened from the outside.

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For those who are interested in those el cheapo cables from china... 


This is whats inside them,  no coaxial cable with shielding,  just 2 very thin wires for each connector! 

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Yeah those Wii2hdmi adaptes are awesome, cheap too :D also: Hoi en welkom :D nederlands is overal wel een beetje vertegenwoordigd. (back to english)

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