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Chip Identification

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I found this chip into v1.6 console. When power on the console there is no image, led blink red and after 4-5 second the console power off. Removing the chip the console works fine. I'd like to identify the chip in order to see how to re-install it properly.


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Checkout the above thread, there is a ton of information there.
It seems this may not be a chip worth wasting much time on given terrible software.

Plus, do you have the switchbank/progammer port?  Please login or register to see this link.  this guy built his own.!!!! omg. 

i'm not entirely sure what you can do with this chip.... but id assume you could flash it using Hexen boot disc? maybe not....
I installed an aladdin xt2plus (chinese knockoff i think) but it flashed EVOX M8+ bios to it using hexen and it worked rather well (5buckson ebayman)

the install of this chip looks like it was done with care and i see Lframe trace is grounded

Also there seems to be a wire soldered into the LPC on the top right pin hole which i believe is 3.3Volts, just wondering why. 

a few observations to consider i guess. maybe not.

look for an earlier revision xbox and TSOP!!!

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    • By wikati
      Curious about this PSU.

      Obviously by samsung

      Looks like foxlink v1.2-1.5 but wire color is slightly different according to these pics

      My supply pin-out below:
      the white smear on the red wire second from top right column is a second white wire alongside the red leading into pin
      X@ on black beside purple is 2 blacks crimped in pin
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