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Hi I'm running new genesis version 25 and I have a bunch of Sega CD ISO is loaded into the emulator. Everything works well I'm very happy with this emulator. The best Sega emulator for Xbox hands down. Only problem is I'm having a difficult time playing the second disc on some of the original Sega CD games.. also I'm having a hard time getting Sega CD games to read from Xbox drive when in load this section of NeoGenesis..

Is there a trick or does anybody know how to get around this?

How does the emulator play from physical disk?

Do all different revisions of the Xbox optical drive compatible to play original Sega CD games?


Thank you very much. Any light on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


Picture attached is of my Sega CD.


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fuck man I cant find it but the disk drives can be very picky on what they will read. Some disk drives will read CDs, some wont, etc etc. Some will read certain BRANDS of CDs/DVDs, some wont. I would assume its something along these lines.

maybe this may shed some light but not sure

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