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XMv Creation

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Messing with skins i found XMV being more reliable.

However for both formats keep the length around 1:00 min for screensavers and previews

For XMV converting i advise .Any2XMV. For WMV pic a fav editing program.

Hope it helps :P

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      I am using the xbox classic skin for XBMC 3.5.1    Does anyone have a XMV of Shadow Ops Red Mercury?  Seems to be missing from all of the download packs.  Thanks
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      wasn't immediately aware of these
      note: they work out of the box, but need to be turned on in surreal settings.
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      Ok so I feel like XPR would be fairly straight forward if I could get XPR Express to work in windows 10. In my windows XP VM, i got it to extract an XPR, but compiling no. I didnt mess around or read up too much on it though. Now, for XMV, I recently found this thread on xbox-hq with a promising program. However, I ran a virus total on the program and it came up as like 8/60 positive for viruses. I also ran it through an online sandbox, and what it did, didnt seem malicious. Does anyone out there have an easy method for creating XMV videos and extracting/compiling XPR files? I would really like to get everything working on windows 10. I hate VMs.
      XMV program i am talking about. The "ANY2XMV.7" file is linked close to the bottom in a mediafire link

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      Virustotal results

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      Sandbox Analysis

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