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Deleting Dashupdate.Xbe

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I got a little question.

Many of the games on my hdd has a dashupdate.xbe file in the root folder of the game.

It is 58 mb in size.  I wonder if it is needed for the game to operate at all, and if it is safe to delete this files to gain more space.


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Found this on xbox-hq.com

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Here is how to down size a game. 

The easiest way to get under the 4.7GB limit is to get rid of files that are not essential to game play, or alternatively down-sample the multimedia files. 

Quite a number of xbox games use Bink video. You can see this by looking for files with the extension 'BIK'. These are normally large files. There are three ways to reduce the size of these files: 

1) download the RAD Video Tools. below Extract all the files from the game to your PC hard disk and select all the BIK files. Click on ‘Bink it!’ and select a ‘Compress to a % of the original’ to a suitable value. 

2) Extract all files from the game to your PC or xbox hard disk, delete the BIK files and then re-create the BIK files (all zero byte files). 

3) Delete the BIK files completely. 

Yager allows you to play the game when the BIK files are deleted completely; some games will however crash back to the dashboard. Using option 3) you will free up 1GByte of data from Yager. 

With other games you can try the following to free up some space: 

1) Look for the smallest video file on the disk, copy it, delete all the other video files and then recreate all the video files using the smallest video file. This will work for all video file extensions. 

2) On PAL games delete all the language files that are not used (German/French etc.) this may be sound files, text files and/or video files. 

3) If you are using a PAL xbox delete any files or folders mentioning NTSC. 

4) Delete the files dashupdate.xbe, downloader.xbe and update.xbe. 

5) Delete the Demos directory completely. 

6) Use RAD video tools to down-sample all the videos, music and sound effects.

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Thanks for the input. :)

I have read that dashupdate.xbe can possibly destroy your softmod.

The downloader.xbe and update.xbe are supposed to be used with xbox live.


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You are on the right track... I have deleted the dashupdate.xbe on some games and they will no longer run. So I create a shortcut using the shortcut maker and name the shortcut dashupdate.xbe point it to the default,xbe and the game works..

I also deleted the whole demo folder on a few games and found that they will no longer play. so I created a 1 sec blank video XMV  and re- name it for all the xmv files in the demo folder... and boom that game works.

what do you think..


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