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    • By RMM
      While tinkering with my Ndure softmodded Xbox, I have managed to mess something up with the files on the hard drive.  I now get error 21.  I'm not too concerned as I was sure to back up the eeprom.   What I would like to do is use something like xboxhdm to build a new hard drive but have the softmod files included when the hard drive was being built.  This way I simply put the hard drive in and I dont have to go through the process of softmodding all over again as it was included when I built the hard drive.  From there I will probably just go ahead and TSOP flash the Xbox to make any future issues easier to deal with.
      What would be the easiest way to do something like this?
    • By gsoliz25
      Brought out my Original Xbox from the closet.  Wanted to get a few games for it and update Hexen.  It's already soft modded.  I can't download yet, that sucks.
    • By TEK Nemesis
      Hi everyone!  I am absolutely thrilled that the original XBOX scene is still alive!
      I modded a bunch of XBOXs back in the day and I kept one of them.  It's a nice crystal XBOX with an X3 (with a 1MB 3294 BIOS) and the nice LED control panel.  I don't know why but back then I put a version 1.1 mobo in the crystal case.  Back then a popular addition was a little fan underneath the HDD when you did an IDE HDD upgrade so it still has one of those still.  (Nobody does that these days?)  The other day I started it up and it was okay but it froze on a half a dozen or so games.  At a closer glance, some of the file or folder names had some funky symbols so I thought to myself that I better replace the aging HDD.  I'm so happy to see the new hardware available.  I ordered a nice 80-wire cable and the SATA to IDE adapter and that arrived today.  I didn't have a single DVD-R in the house so I couldn't do the HDD installation easily.   Sure, hooking everything up was a charm.  I did a quick cleaning of the interior of the case and removed the clock cap.  Started it back up and I could only use the X3 BIOS to handle the HDD prep.  I had to use the X3 BIOS to FTP the new dash.  That was terrible but it worked in the end.  Huge problem trying to get the partition correct.  I recently flashed a bunch of different (and recommended) BIOSes and when I switched from one to another, it deleted what I had on the HDD and the partition size was different.  All BIOSes that I selected, to my knowledge, supported LBA48.  I used XBpartitioner 1.3 and also tried XBPTableWriter to write the table for those BIOSes that needed it.  It looks good right now but I'm hesitant to change to a different bank to try a different BIOS.  Anyways, in the near future, I'm doing that Noctua 80mm silent fan installation and I'll replace the thermal compound on the CPU and GPU.
      Glad to be here!
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