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Working BIOS Files


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Hope its OK to ask this here
Ive been trying to upgrade a couple of Xboxes now, for the last month and a half
Its been one problem after another.
Anyway, Im at the point where everything Is working, but I still have a problem
For some strange reason, I Initially was only able to copy around 300GB of files to F or G drive
So did some Investigation, and found some Information...found a recommended BIos...patched it using Evtool to LBA48 v3.0
Flashed the Bios and thought everything was solved.
It was showing as LBA48 v3.0 In XBPartitioner
But now, It will only allow me to copy 500Gbs of data before file transfer errors.
So...can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, upload the BIOS files I require, both for v1.0 to v1.5, and v1.6 Xboxes, already patched as necessary, and tested working to allow the full 2Tb hard drive usage.
Just standard modchips... Duox2 and Aladdin...nothing special...on standard Xboxes
I would really appreciate this help, because basically I dont know what Ive done wrong, or what else to do


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Install and run XBPartitioner v1.3 to your Xbox's /E/Apps or /E/Applications folder.

Does it show an error when you start the application that LBA48 support is not found in your BIOS.

If so, your BIOS does not actually have the LBA48 v2 or later patch applied to it.

If not, is ER displayed next to the size of each of the extended partitions.  If so, they are not properly formatted and will have to be reformatted and all data uploaded/written to them again. 

The cluster size for an over 512GB to 1TB extended partition is 64KBs.  Yours must be formatted with either 16KB (up to 256GB maximum properly supported extended partition size) or 32KB (up to 512GB properly supported extended partition size) clusters.

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Yes...XBPartitioner is telling me that LBA48 patch Is v3
ER Is showing on both drives
It is saying that It will use 16kb clusters...

That gives me some insight

Ive deleted the partitions then remade them and now the ER Is missing, but It Is showing 64 on extended partition 6. Its showing nothing on partition 7, however both partitions are showing equal size of 927.78GB
Does that sound right?
I guess Ill just have to start copying to the drives again and see If they error
Thankyou so much for replying
Ill post back once I know what Its going to do...It will take a day...


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All working now...
It was definitely something to do with using the correct version of XBPartitioner
I didnt say anything at the time, as theres quite a bit more to the whole story and I was trying to be brief, but I had been using v1.0, as I was having trouble starting v1.3
V1.3 Is very slow to start,which made me think It wasnt working but I just needed to be patient and let It load.
The G partition had not formatted, and thats why It wasnt showing 64k clusters, so I went back and formatted it and it Is now displaying as It should
Thankyou very much for your help...I appreciate It, as Ild beeen playing around with this for well over a month solid, with no success
Obviously, I just needed a small push In the right direction.


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