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How To Auto Load Kernel Patcher Xbe After Enter Evoxdash

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I have a Xbox (v1..1),  Currently it has Modded with Spider Chip with M8+ Bios installed.  

(* Its HDD content actually is softmoded, but due to old HDD failing, I cloned the content to the current HDD which is not lockable, thus had to use the spiderchip again)

One of disadvantage of modchip is it doesn't support playing game from ISO directly,  But nkpatcher seems only for softmod.  Therefore, I searched and managed to find out from the post    Please login or register to see this link. ,    about using the amazing console app "cdrom_modchip" to load the ISO file.  It works greatly without needing to config or code anything.,  except having to run/load the patcher every time after the xbox restart. 

Does anyone have any idea how to load the patcher.xbe automatically when the DASH started.   From the post above,  it was mentioned about configing the IND_Bios.cfg ( the order of DASH1, DASH2, DASH3 etc).  But I don't like ind_bios, as I feel M8 bios is much clean and faster. . 

Thanks in advance


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Noticed the topic is posted in the wrong forum.   Will repost in the General Forum.

Forum moderator, please remove or lock this post.  Thanks


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      Hi i recently softmodded an xbox of mine and got the old xecuter2 modship my dad did a while ago.
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