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    • By C64MidRezzie
      I bought a 500gb Xbox fully loaded with origins dashboard and games - one game (GTA San Andreas) appears on “featured games” but when I press A the console resets - how do I delete it from appearing in “Featured Games” - or could I add the game somehow as I have the disk?  Thanks
    • By Onknight
      Hello everyone,
      My name is Thomas I bought a 1.4 Xbox from a thrift store about 2 weeks ago
      No cables no nothing I managed to find the power cable in a lot of cables I had in my shed
      But I ended up buying the component cable and a few games 
      I didn't know whether the Xbox would even turn on at this point
      Luckily for me it did  
      today I did my first Mod. I removed the clock capacitor
      Tomorrow I will do a softmod using the Rocky 5 method  with the MechAssault  CD
      I've already gathered everything and install the Payload to USB Drive
      just waiting for the USB cable to come in the mail Tomorow
      September I'm hoping to do a hard drive swap installing a 500gb SSD
      Looking forward to learning from everyone
      And thanks for the advice in advance
      Tom From Toronto 
    • By FalloutFloyd
      Hello, i am FalloutFloyd!
      I'm hoping to get my hands on an OG Xbox really really soon. the entire community/scene around it looks pretty mad and also, who doesn't like the early 2000s a e s t h e t i c of the good ol original xbox. Mainly here to download a few important softwares along with some skins for UnleashX and whatnot. curse you 5 post minimum!
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