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    • By damanloox
      Could somebody point me in the "right" direction regarding linking asm with VS .net?
      I've a simple function in asm as follows:
      global _addme _addme: push ebp mov ebp, esp ; add mov eax, [ebp+8] add eax, [ebp+12] mov esp, ebp pop ebp ret and compiling using nasm as follows:
      nasm -f obj -o addme.obj addme.asm Then (in my .cpp)
      extern "C" { int addme(int, int); }; and calling it 
      val = addme(1,1) It is linked etc. when I build the project but it seems the function never returns (or doing something really wrong as the xbox just hangs after the call)...
      I don't have debug kit/environment setup (yet) so can't really do any meaningful debugging...
    • By bulkchart32
      xbox controllers are made in an annoying way so that the buttons are not easily fixed when the they stop registering. i don't know the terms here so i'm going to describe what i'm trying ask as best possible. i'm also really tired and my brain is about half asleep. anyway, the pcb has something similar to black tape with the little black pads under it instead of having the black pads on the rubber thing itself(the rubber piece that goes under the buttons). so it is very difficult to replace that tape thing when buttons presses stop registering. has anyone made a modified rubber thing with the black pads made onto it so the black tape can be peeled off and thrown away?
    • By sh0rtlife
      ok i need a lil advice, thanks to dave ive got my ole rig up and running, everything works like a champ save for bank1..which doesnt seem to really matter
      anyway everytime  i put the top case on..error 13....so im figureing its the cable, the adator or the power, but, how does one trouble shoot it. ive now cut down the y splitter that came with the adapt board now its nice and neat lil 1inch 4pin molex to mini 4pin, ive went thru and "tweaked" the stock box connector pins for a little tighter connection, so im fairly certain its not a power cabling issue..in fact my adapt cable is soldered , the ribbon cable is as new as the adapter..a month maybe less
      no top boots fine every time, if i start fiddling with it it may or may not boot, im leaning tward it being a cable issue
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