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    • By damanloox
      Could somebody please post an example of reading controller button status (eg. which button is pressed) in assembly...?
    • By Xbmcmodsforxbox
      If anyone needs any parts for the original Xbox let me know or even Xbox 360 I'm selling all parts super cheap let me know what you need.
    • By Chris5000
      I just replaced my Philips VAD6011/21 Disc Laser Lens with a Disc Laser Lens for Xbox SPU-3141 Philips Microsoft original from ZedLabz https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disc-Laser-Lens-for-Xbox-SPU-3141-Philips-Microsoft-original-ZedLabz/333312052835?hash=item4d9af24e63:g:khoAAOSwGcpfEEyk
      Unfortunately it is still not reading my xbox games discs.  I have the Rocky5 Softmod and it states a DVD drive status of "unknown".  It seems like I did it correctly and desoldered those two points on the new Disc Laser Lens.  Sometimes I will get the "Empty" status too.  
      I tried Pot tweaks on the old laser and then that helped for a very short time so I bought the new laser after it stopped working.
      Any ideas?

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