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    • By HDShadow
      For the first time I'm using a Seagate 2.5" IDE HDD (80GB). I'd decided to use it in my newly Aladdin chipped Xbox principally because I discovered it could not be locked (as Slave) after I'd successfully used Chimp 261812 to clone a softmodded HDD to it.
      Retried and Chimp kept on reporting the drive could not be locked and indeed after I'd changed it to Master I had error 5 on that Xbox.
      Once the other, Aladdin chipped, Xbox was up and working I fitted that same unlocked 2.5" HDD and used an AID disc to install a chipped UnleashX dash. Everything works fine 
      One of the things I do with new softmods is unlock and immediately relock the HDD using ConfigMagic. That way there's the possible option of using the "TEAMASSEMBLY" master password if the eeprom went missing. Never needed it.
      However I wondered about ConfigMagic's locking/unlocking capability and thought why not try that on the 2.5" HDD not expecting it to work......................but it did. I discovered I could lock and unlock it, doing that several times without any trouble. This was confirmed by the UnleashX dash as well as ConfigMagic itself.
      So why couldn't Chimp 261812 lock it as Slave?  Same TV, 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter, 80 wire IDE cable, same AV Composite cable, same Controller S and no USB peripherals. I've not tried the now unlocked 2.5" HDD with Chimp 261812 again as Master. I'll probably do that later today.     
    • By bulkchart32
      for some unknown reason, xbmcegamers can't see the halo 2 update. it works fine with unleashx but not xbmc4gamers. anyone know of a fix?
    • By Centauri
      So I got a Halo Edition Xbox off of ebay to find that it only stays on for 20 minutes before shutting off, the power button does not function, naturally I thought of corrosion on the traces. Upon examining the underside of the board I found no visible corrosion, my question is, which traces do I need to jump in order to fix it? I'm a bit stumped, any help would be much appreciated.

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