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X3ce, Crystal X3cp, Red XCm Case, 400gb Hd, Samsung Drive, Games, & Emus


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Finally time to let her go. (Plus I can't find the A/V cable, so your on your own there.) Boots to XBMC fully customized with emus, music, and games. 400 GB worth.

- v1.6 xbox w/Red XCM Case (as mentioned, no AV cable. Case has some cracks, mostly on bottom.)

- Xecuter 3 CE Chip

- X3CP Crystal control panel w X3 XLCD (Not sure why, but the bottom of the lcd isn't working properly. It will with my hand close by, but text disappears when hand is removed.)

- Used to have an X3IR, the board is still inside, but no IR.

- 400 GB Seagate HD

- Samsung disc drive



Also have:

Xecuter X2.6 CE Modchip (everything but the 5v wire for v1.6 consoles, so won't work on that console without some custom work)

007 Agent Under Fire Game Disc (exploitable to softmod)

4 controllers


250 GB Seagate HD

Another 400 GB Seagate HD

Games Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (only the best games ever...)

4x USB port to xbox controller port adapter

AVI to HMDI adapter. (Helped me when booting flashbios on newer TVs.)


Let me know if interested in anything. Highest price wins. Everything as is (I've mentioned all issues I know about.)







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