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    • By Xbmcmodsforxbox
      4 Sets of original Xbox ram 35 USD shipped USA only i can ship to other countries for more money for shipping.
    • By hideehoo
      Got a version 1.0 that is flashing orange (high temp) immediately after power up.  ADM1032 chip looks good and meters out fine for power and I2C bus connections, but when I throw a logic analyzer on the bus, it never returns a READ response.
      1.958481000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
      1.958792500000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
      1.959192000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
      1.959548000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
      1.960861500000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + NAK
      Compare that to a "good" box I have than returns both MB and CPU temps over and over during the boot process.
      1.069577000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + ACK
      1.069807500000000,I2C,'1' + ACK
      1.070072000000000,I2C,Setup Read to ['153'] + ACK
      1.070300500000000,I2C,'24' + NAK
      1.070584000000000,I2C,Setup Write to ['152'] + ACK
      1.070815000000000,I2C,'0' + ACK
      1.071078000000000,I2C,Setup Read to ['153'] + ACK
      1.071306000000000,I2C,'23' + NAK
      Before I replace it, any other thoughts?  Clock cap was still on the board, but actually looked pretty good (minimal leakage), and the ADM1032 and surrounding area has been cleaned several times with IPA.
    • By rawlor
      I tried to upgrade my V1.0 Xbox with 4 Samsung version F RAM chips but it won’t boot. I’ve got an OpenXenium mod chip installed but I’ve tried booting both with and without yet it still flashes. Anyone know what this means/ anyway to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated. 

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