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OgXBox Diy Component Cables - $25


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    • By cyrix
      Hey all,
      This might be a foolish thought, but would it be possible to create an av cable that does both component out and vga out at the same time? I ask because if it were possible, it would be a very cheap an effective way to capture gameplay from an original xbox while playing. I was looking at this diagram for av pinouts and saw how similar they already were:

      I guess the only potential issue is that pins 9 and 10 are shorted for when its VGA and are not shorted when its component? Would be curious to hear from people more knowledgeable than myself.
    • By filevans
      Hello all
      I just started using a component cable and it is forcing 60hz constantly even though I have PAL60 DISABLED in MSDash, is that normal?
      On my RGB SCART cable I can always get 50hz, as I need 50hz for Amiga, c64 and Spectrum emulation
      but on the component cable it won't let me get 50hz even when I am launching everything specifically in PAL and have PAL60 DISABLED. The Xbox logo when it starts up is in 50hz but everything after that is 60hz constantly. I even have tried the emulators set to force 50hz in options and still they won't go to 50hz
    • By Yanimo
      so I bought a cheapo component cable and outputs black and white sometimes split screen. 
      Tried booting to NTSC outputs black screen.
      Tried booting PAL split screen.
      Tried PAL 60 black and white. 
      any ideas?

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