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Anyone know how I can add a filter to the options in my Xbox games list to filter games by various info taken from the synopsis file.

for example, show only system link games, or co-op games, Racing, strategy, platform etc etc.

all the info is there. Just need a way to display only selected types 

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I thought someone may have known how to do this.

i know filtering but nodes etc is a feature of xbmc. I just don’t know enough about skin modding to add it to context menu etc

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    • By SandwichLove
      My Xbox is not modded in any way. It has composite cables as well. My Xbox will occasionally boot up games normally but most of the time it boots up every game with only the audio. I saw a post on a forum a while ago about how to easily fix this, but I can no longer seem to find it.
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      This may be an obvious answer as I am learning my way around this dash but how do I get "Ports" to show on the carousel in the newest test build. Am I overlooking something obvious? Thanks for any help.
    • By kaurloto
      Hey all! I couldn't find much information online about this so I wanted to post it here so that others would be able to learn from my experience.
      TLDR; If you don't have any compatible flash drives but you have a PSP1000, you can use it to softmod your Xbox!
      I recently softmodded my first few Xbox's and I was having the hardest time getting the save files to show up. I followed all the proper procedures and tried 5 different <4GB flash drives without luck. The USBs I used were being recognized as memory sticks in the Xbox, but they would all show 5000+ blocks and no data. After lots of research and troubleshooting I found some scattered information that you could use a PSP to do it, and it works! Here's how I set it up:
      a.) Original PSP1000 (This may not work with the later versions e.g. the "slim" PSP2000/3000 or PSP Go)
      b.) 32MB Memory Stick PRO Duo; the original SD card that came with your PSP (Some larger ones may work like the 1GB/4GB but I have not tested these)
      c.) USB-Mini cable (to plug into your PSP)
      d.) Xbox-to-USB adapter (to plug your PSP into your Xbox)
      e.) Softmod save files (e.g. from Rocky5's Please login or register to see this link. )
      f.) Please login or register to see this link.  (to copy the saves from your PC to your PSP)
      g.) Please login or register to see this link. (sometimes required to launch Xplorer360; store it in Xplorer360's working directory)
      1.) Insert your Memory Stick PRO Duo into your PSP (if it warns you that the memory stick cannot be read, ignore this)
      2.) Navigate your PSP to [Settings] > [USB Connection] and press X (this puts your PSP in "memory card" mode and acts like a USB flash drive)
      2.) Plug your USB-Mini cable into both your PSP and the Xbox-to-USB adapter
      4.) Plug the Xbox to USB adapter into your Xbox and allow the Xbox to format it (you can unplug/replug to ensure it is consistently recognized)
      5.) Unplug the USB-Mini cable from the Xbox-to-USB adapter and plug it into your PC
      6.) Ignore any prompts to Format the drive
      7.) Launch Xplorer360 as admin and copy the save files over per-usual
      8.) Safely eject
      9.) ???
      11.) Profit
      Hope this helps some folks! I imagine that not many people will use this method, but if it's popular I wouldn't mind expanding the instructions to include detailed Xplorer360 steps etc. For now though, I figured people would have sourced those details already since they're method-agnostic.
      OG PSPs FTW!

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