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Help Needed On Several Post-Softmod Issues.

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Hello, long-time Xbox user here, and you may recognize my username from many other forums.  I softmodded my console ages ago using SID 5.1.2.  Recently I wanted to try it out on Xlink Kai, but I couldn't join any games in Halo or Halo 2.  When I launch Halo, I get an orange ring for 15 seconds before the menu arrives.  My profile is no longer there.  Halo 2 tells me the DLC is damaged.  Strange.  So based on a few guys in the Xlink lobby suggestion, I went and used Rocky5's soft mod Quick Upgrade, which seemed to work.  I had to fix a few things to restore the UnleashX dashboard skin I was using before.  Anyway, I'm still having the same issues with the Halo games. 

1. First question, why would I be unable to join System Link rooms?  I verified Xlink can see my console fine.  I even tried to create a game but was told I appear to be "offline."

2. I'm wondering if the Game Saves are screwed up and causing the issues, but I don't know of any good Save Managers to try.  I attempted to open the MS Dashboard, but I get a Service Error page.  

3. The system is hooked up to a CRT in 480i, so I cannot load XBMC or XBMC4Gamers because they seem to be defaulting to 720p, and the picture is a scrambled mess.  How can I change that?


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Update: I got the original MS Dash to work, but still would like to know if there's a Save Manager that is reliable I can use.  I deleted what I had on Halo, and the corrupted Halo 2 file.  However, Halo still loads screwed up.  I run the game disc, it says Loading... and then goes blank for like 20 seconds before I get the menu.  This IS a v1.6 console, not sure if there's some problem with Halo cutscenes though I've got it in 480i

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