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Probably my favorite mod of 2008. Xbox Slimbox using a Mountain Dew theme. I cut the label from a 2-Liter bottle and the paint was some sort of Rust-Oleum that I found at the store. Clear faceplate pieces on the external PSU for bracing, removed the top of the stock 60mm fans to save on height, used tape to protect the DVD Drive daughterboard. haha I could have made it much neater.















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18 hours ago, wikati said:

lots of work went into that!!!

Yeah, I could've made top of the case much smoother when I removed the fins...haha

5 hours ago, codeasm said:

Lots of work indeed it looks like. Also, the green is cool :D
sad the psu dint fit in the case. any other mods in that puppy ?

Yes, it was another fun build. Most of the mods were on-the-fly as I worked with it. I think extending the PSU wires was the longest part of it all. The software mods were pretty much, XBMC, stock HDD, Maybe a few UnleashX skins for the UnleashX dash, I think THUG (Tony Hawk's Underground) was loaded on the HDD and maybe GTAVC (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). I can't remember much of it but I forgot how I tricked the bios to bypass the DVD Drive check on boot-up.

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