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    • By bulkchart32
      i got a 3tb seagate barracuda 5400rpm drive for my xbox. after loading it with games it became pretty sluggish to load things. games ran great when they finally loaded, though. i wanted something quiet and i know the 7200rpm wd drives can be noisey. has anyone else tried both a 5400rpm and 7200rpm to see what the difference is with speed and noise?
    • By bulkchart32
      i have 2 or 3 dead xbox's and i want to see what is on the hdd's.  is there anyway to unlock them with another chipped system?
    • By Kink43
      I'm a noob so may not be talking alot of sense.
      Go easy on me.
      I get the impression HDD is coded. And can be nulled when softmodding, but the code is not mentioned in mod chip tutorials.
      I am going to fit aladin xt modchip when it arrives. And replace HDD.
      I would like to use the dual functionality to boot stock dash board.
      And hold power for 1sec to use modchip.
      I just wondered whether in this case will the larger HDD be usable when booting up stock?

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