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    • By titchgamer

      New member here and will hopefully be a first time xbox owner soon 😛
      A friend is sending me a mod'd xbox to add to my collection, I have never owned or done any mods to one before so lots of learning on the horizon for me.
      This seemed a good place to come for info and help if required so here I am!

      My friend has done a bios mod to it, removed the clock cap which I understand are suicidal on these and replaced the Drive band so that saves me some work
      He has advised that I need to get a Hexen disc which I believe I can download from here somewhere and after that I guess there's not much to do until it gets here and I can start tinkering 😛

      One thing I would like to do and maybe you guys can point me in the right direction is change the main PSU.
      The reason being its a US console and I am in the UK, Obviously I can run it through a transformer to reduce it to 120v but I was thinking if I could find one it may be worthwhile swapping out the entire PSU for a 240v one.
      Is that possible?

      Anyways see you on the boards  
    • By FerociousOG
      Hello all,
      Old friend just dug up his OG Xbox. It has an xecuter 2 mod chip. What would I need to do to use a 2TB SATA HDD besides the IDE to SATA adapter?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Cosmonaut Cartilag
      I know some upgrades can make games near unplayable by making them run at absurd speeds, but is there a hardware upgrade thats just all round good? 

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