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Hello! Everyone


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    • By DerFroschGott
      Nice to see the OGXbox still receives some love from all around the world!
    • By Zer0_1Sum
      Hello to all! I'm in the process of trying to repair my v1.0 original xbox, and searching on the internet I found this forum. Hope I'll find some help here and be able to play it again ^^
    • By gLX
      Hi all,
      In all my years of modding consoles, it amazes me that I never hardmodded an OG Xbox. No longer.
      In preparation for OG Xbox HDMI solutions releasing soon, the time was ripe for me to buy an OG Xbox. I collect (and play) consoles of all major manufacturers. Nintendo set is complete, all with HDMI output (except SNES), Sony set is complete, Sega set almost (missing sega saturn)... but my Microsoft set is lacking. I've had a 360 for more than 10 yeras, but this mis my first OG xbox.
      I'm here looking for information, to learn about the community and be part of it. I bought an openxenium and am looking forward to installing and trying it out!
      Have a nice day!

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