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Hey guys, Been modding the OG xbox for a little over a year now. Owned one back in 2004/2005 but knew nothing about the process.  It wasn't until about a year ago my cousin bought cheap build off ebay and showed it to me.  I told him I could figure it out and make it even better as I knew he was missing out on some good stuff.  That's when it all began. My first modded system was a 2 TB softmod.  It took me a few weeks to download the right tools and pool some knowledge from a few dedicated websites (I know a bunch of those guys are here and I thank you) in order to figure it all out.  It wasn't long after i began learning to mod chip and TSOP (which has since become my go to method).  I'm still learning new tricks each day and here to both learn and help people just getting started out.  I've been doing a lot of case mods as well, and have some ambitious projects coming up that I look forward to sharing with you all.

I can also be reached on the XBMC4Xbox forums under the handle Skeletor64.

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    • By The dude
      Hey guys, finally blew the dust off my old v 1.0 hoping to have some fun and meeting new people.
    • By Th3 RaV3N
      Good day all, long time gaming enthusiast, first time modder here. Love what you all have done to keep the scene alive.
      I've already learned loads from browsing the forums through Google searches, although I would definitely still like to get a better handle on how everything works from a software perspective.
      Before Covid struck I was basically a clean slate, not even knowing what common terms like TSOP or kernal meant. While I feel I'm still far from knowledgable about any of this, I've put in a lot of legwork over the last few months to teach myself as much about console modding and repair as I possibly could, not just with Xbox but across all of my consoles.
      I currently have 4 OGs, a 1.0 that I'm currently working to set up, a 1.0 that's fragging on me, a soft modded 1.6, and a 1.6 who's LPC rebuild I botched that I know have to preform a trace repair on.. I definitely need to invest in some LPC Rebuild boards for next time lol
    • By RetroEmulationNation
      Hello everyone,
      I just bought my very first Xbox console ever a month ago. Yup, 20 years too late to the party.
      Never owned a 360 or Xbox One either, although I just ordered a refurbished 360 Slim two days ago.
      Have otherwise been a PlayStation fanboy all this while, although my primary console of choice these days is the Sega Saturn.
      Anyway, greetings from Malaysia!
      Are there other Malaysian members here?

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