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    • By Marxo
      after a very very long absence from the xbox i would like to bring it back to life and hope to find some support and news here about how things are going in the xbox scene right now.

    • By N163LPH03N1X
      Once in a while I do my routine check for XCM and Xecuter stuff on eBay.
      I did a check maybe a few weeks ago and there were consoles, chips and pro switches on there.

      Correct me if I'm wrong did everything just sell out or did eBay remove anything with "Xecuter" related to the name.
      Because eBay is a ghost town right now. There's just LEs on there and some scraps.

      Anyone get there listing removed? I know Nintendo cracked on the team so maybe other companies are following up.
      This would be dumb because eBay have been collecting fees on modded consoles for a long time, they would lose out on the market.
    • By Oreos420
      So when i got this console there were some games already on the drive and I could access and play them from the dashboard. Well when I updated to xbmc4gamers they were not being detected and i could not find their location on any partition.
      The available space on all the drives has not changed at all so it makes me feel like they are still there somewhere. I went into dvd2xbox and found all the games there and it said they were located in drive F. But in any file explorer srive F was empty. I tried to launch the titlea from dvd2xbox but keeps bringing me back to my dashboard. Any thoughts?

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