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Qwix 101 (Retroware)

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Qwix101 Ftp to your xbox
Create xiso's
extract xiso's
patch default xex
and more....

Change Log:

Note:  Please read the Qwix_FAQ.htm file included with
       Qwix!  Even with that file included in the RAR,
       many of those questions come up all the time.

This is a bugfix release and adds no new features.

Qwix 1.01 fixes:

 - Reworked FTP transfer buffers for improved Windows
   performance during and after transfers, which can
   also increase transfer speeds (especially boost mode).

 - Changed default transfer buffer size from 512KB to 1MB.

 - Fixed a transfer thread leak which caused various
   problems with Qwix after transferring an ISO.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented game icons from being
   downloaded after transferring an ISO.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented batch properties from
   taking effect if you pushed a button on the toolbar
   before clicking in any other control first.

 - Made the XBE rename case-sensitive when deciding
   whether it should rewrite the XBE file or not.

 - Disabled the "Use advanced Avalaunch features" option
   in the connection editor until the SITE REFRESH
   command is fixed in Avalaunch.  Yes, that's all that
   the option does.  No, it doesn't make transfers slower.

 - Fixed the taskbar disappearing act and an occasional
   OLE32.DLL access violation, both on Win98/WinME.

 - Fixed a few font and color issues, making things a bit
   more consistent with certain themes and platforms.

 - Fixed a problem that prevented a transfer to the
   root directory of an Xbox drive.

 - Fixed a random access violation that was caused by
   the component used for all the lists and trees in
   the Qwix user interface.

 - Made the local PC folder browser show the proper folder
   name for shortcut items like My Network Places shares.

 - Fixed the Rename ISO feature from the Scan Folders
   right-click (from the Load ISO screen, not Scan Titles).



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      Ok here is a basic Networking guide to get you up and running as easy as possible. Check if you have a NIC (Network Interface Card) build-in to your motherboard and if not buy one they are really cheap. Grab a crossover cable (cat 5) to connect your xbox to your PC. Now go into windows xp and right click on My Network Places, click properties, right click on Local Area Connection, click properties. Click internet protocol (TCP/IP), click properties, click on use the following IP address. Type in Click on Subnet Mask and enter Click ok , Click ok, Click X to close the window. Now the computer is setup.
      Now download Flashfxp and install it. Click on "Site Manager" then click to create a new site. Name it Xbox and for the IP enter, verify the port is 21. The username and password are both "xbox", all lower-case and without the quotes.
      Now if you have installed a large hard drive then Evox dashboard will be setup so you can just boot Evox and then connect using Flashfxp. Boot Evox dashboard then choose System Management, System settings. Enter these settings.IP Subnet Mask DefaultGateway
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      If you haven't installed a large hard drive then download my Spiderchip Reflash Cd (xbins) as it has Evox Dashboard and networking setup. Just boot the Spiderchip Reflash Cd and then connect using Flashfxp.

      C - System folder
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      D - DVD-ROM folder
      This shows the files on the DVD or CDRW in the DVD-ROM drive if there is one otherwise it will be blank.
      E - Game Save Folder
      This is where the save games are stored also any music you have ripped using the MicroSoft dashboard.
      F - Games & Apps Folder
      This is where you will put all your games and applications. This is only available if you have added a large hard drive.
      G - Games & Apps Folder
      This is where you will put more of your games and applications if you have this folder. This folder is for large hard drives over 137 gigabytes with a bios that supports F and G. The space before 137gig is on F and the rest is on G. Some bioses just put all the available space on F.
      X Y Z - Temp Folders - the xbox throws data in these cache folders and deletes it later on.

      Untill you understand more about the folders just don't touch anything except F or G if you have one as these are your folders.
      To copy files or folders simply right click on the file or folder and click on transfer. The right side of the screen is the xbox. The left side of the screen is your computer.
      To copy the C and E drives from the original xbox to your computer you would right click on C ( on xbox side ) and click on transfer. When it's finished right click on E ( on xbox side ) and click on transfer. Then after you have changed the hard drives and installed it with Slayer's Evox Auto Installer Cd you would right click on C ( on PC side ) and click on transfer. When it's finished right click on E ( on PC side ) and click on transfer.
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      I have already read a discussion about this topic, but those who managed to do so did not post links to the material used or even photos.
      If anyone has any advice and is welcome.

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