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    • By ksim82
      Hi all!,
      Got my hands on an original XBOX guys. The console has a DuoX 3 chip V1.0-1.5. 
      The dash its running atm is UnleashX 0.39.0222A. build 572
      The issues i'm having atm is games keep freezing up. The dash is horrible, I would rather the console boot into something newer.
      I can FTP into the box no problem so I can alter files. Its been a long time since ive been tinkering with consoles.
      Id love some help. Can I use Rockys softmodding tool to update how I feel? I haven't got a burner to make a cd so can I just FTP everything over?
    • By LudoVicThor
      Hi i recently softmodded an xbox of mine and got the old xecuter2 modship my dad did a while ago.
      I just want to know what's the big difference and what my hardmod could do that my softmod couldn't
      Thanks for the answer
    • By Hexy435XB936
      I was able to softmod 1 of my 2 Xboxes using a purchased game save, with the necessary files.
      I ordered an aladin plus 2 chip and will attempt to install to my other.   Is there a process I need to do to clean the motherboard prior soldering?

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