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Doom 3 (Skin)

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    • By Onknight
      Here's my Gears of War skin
      Yes I know the game never made it to the original Xbox
      But there are okras timeless so I thought I'd make a skin for it

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    • By Onknight
      My final skin of the night 
      This has become one of my favourite games on the original Xbox Red Dead Redemption
      So I decided to make a skin for it enjoy

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    • By dispunko
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      This is an early version of a port of Doom Legacy v1.42
      I wanted to get a proper release done by now, but I haven't had time, so I decided to release a version as it is, as a present to the scene.
      The work was started by lantus, who had partially ported an older legacy version. He kindly passed the work he had done over to me, I used that as a basis for porting the more recent v1.42 - So big props to lantus for kicking the whole project off.
      As stated above - this is a pre-alpha release. Lots of stuff isn't implemented yet and there may well be a lot that doesn't work properly.
      Please be aware of this and don't expect it to be perfect!
      That being said, there is plenty that does work, including....
      * - All Doom games should work (Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom)
      *  - Heretic works (Hexen isn't supported in this version of Doom Legacy)
      *  - Two player split screen works
      *  - Network play should work
      *  - IWAD files shown in launcher can be adding to/changing by editing the wads\iwads.xml file
      *  - XBOX specific in game options, including control setups
      *  - Video mode can be set/changed from Doom Legacy options
      Author: Carcharius
      Version: 0.05.142
      Download Link: 
      Please login or register to see this code.  

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