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1.4/128 Box - What Do?

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Hey guys, I picked up one of N64Freak’s boxes a couple months back and will soon be getting all my hardware going again. 

I’m curious what you all were suggesting I do with it!

A couple things I know I want to look into:

PSX/N64 emulation sound enticing, as I’ve had some issues with this on stock systems. 

Trying to get it to start up as fast as possible via configuration injection is another goal, but I need to get this working on one of my stock machines first and after spending too long on it I nuked the system on accident, I think by flashing a bfm BIOS where I should’ve done a normal one. 

I also wanna overclock this bad boy and see how far it will go. But it needs better cooling to even attempt that, and of course I need to do this on a stock console properly before I fiddle around with it on here. 

Thanks for your ideas, guys!

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The only overclocking you're doing is FSB which effects everything else on the bus so you aren't likely getting any higher than you would otherwise even with cooling. There really isn't anything you can do on a 128MB box that you can't with a 64MB, 1(?) Chihiro game works, you may see slightly better frames with the crappy N64 Emu (someone should make a new one with legal tools), what else is there? Nothing really, just a waste of money.

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