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The small collection... or is it?

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Well... figured I'd show my "collection".

First post will be my current 5 OG Xboxes, in order.


From left to right:

V1.1, X2 Lite w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 160GB WD1600AAJB

V1.6, X-Changer 2.2 w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 200GB Maxtor 6B200R0

V1.4, genuine Aladdin XT Plus2 (Chip ID BF52) w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 160GB Samsung SP1654N, recapped

V1.6, ModXo on Raspberry Pi Pico USB-C w/ Cerbios 2.3.2 UDMA5, 1TB WD Caviar Green.

V1.4 Crystal, ST TSOP w/ iND-BIOS 5004.67, 250GB WD Blue

BONUS: Zephyr Elite 360 w/ 320GB Samsung HDD, Aurora dash and EXT_CLK over Coolrunner rev C1.


- all running XBMC

- Aladdin 1.4 and Pico 1.6 have had their cases painted - 1.4 is white/blue, and 1.6 is white/green.

- 1.4 now sports Panasonic all over it, except PSU which has original caps.

- 1.6 awaits a Startech adapter - I have a "narrow type" JM20330 adapter there for the time being.

- all use a single selfmade HD Component pack, from a Xbox 360 cable, of course 😁

- the Crystal was an interesting story of going thru a gypsy ghetto to purchase it 😂


Up next might be 360s. I have a lot of those to go thru so be sittin' tight!


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Posted (edited)

Told y'all I'd be back with them 360s.


Topleft: JTAG Xenon CIB, MFR date 13/12/06 - Blades 2.0.6717 dash!

Topright: Zephyr_C, mfr date 17/09/07 - NXE 2.0.8955 dash

Bottom left: EXT_CLK Zephyr_C, MFR date 12/10/07

Bottom right: stock Arcade Falcon, MFR date 16/06/08, Kinect dash (forgot the number but it's 13 something.)

spacer.pngIn order, starting from the Mtn. Dew bottle:

1. JTAG Falcon, MFR date 30/10/07 - used to have Blades, but upgraded to 17559 after disabling the fuse burning circuit

2. stock Falcon, MFR date 20/08/07 - has Zephyr ratings as Falcons of that time didn't have proper stickers printed until 2008 or so. Has the original X810480 Rhea GPU, surprisingly not failed.

3. RGH1.2v2 Falcon w/ custom DVD trim, custom HDD painted, MFR date 22/07/08 (NAND extracted) - Xenon top case with Elite Falcon stickers pasted on, from a defunct unit (MFR date 18/03/08)

4. stock NXE Xenon, MFR 17/09/06 - literally one year apart between this Xenon and the white stock Zephyr mentioned earlier

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