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Flashing Tsop When Hard Modded With Aladdin X2

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Hey all.  i hope you can help.

My 'Project Xbox'  (V1.4) which i generally tinker with has an Aladdin X2 running IND bios.

All my other Xbox's are either soft modded or have Xceuter 2 installed.

I've never tsop'd a console and was thinking that i should give it a go and move the Aladdin X2 off too one of my 1.6's that has been soft modded.


Can i boot to dash, pull the chip and then flash the tsop?   Assume i have already bridged the 1.4 mobo ready for a tsop flash?

( This box, like all my others has a failed DVD that doesn't read discs. so need to do all this from the xbox itself)

And...  what software should i flash with?


Thanks heaps


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No, that won't work. If the Xbox boots from the LPC it will only try to flash to the LPC even if the chip is removed.

You're going to have to set it up to boot into a softmod installer. You can grab the XboxHDM version of Rocky's softmod installer from his GitHub or Google Drive pages and edit the config.xml file to allow file explorer access when it's in the the installer menu (UnleashX) then copy the installer to C. Also copy your desired BIOS .bin file to C:\BIOS and copy the XBlast OS .xbe file to anywhere on the HDD. The recommended BIOSes are EvoX M8+ or iND-BiOS. If you go with M8+ make sure that you configure the BIOS to look for your dashboard on boot before flashing. If you go with iND make sure to place an ind-bios.cfg file on C that points to your dashboard.

Once all that is done, power off the Xbox, remove the chip and power the Xbox back on. It should boot directly into the softmod installer. If you had edited the config.xml earlier to allow file explorer access, you can now open the file explorer, navigate to wherever you installed XBlast OS and launch it, then flash the TSOP.

If you did everything correctly, the console is now TSOP flashed and should boot to your desired dashboard location. You can now delete C:\BIOS, the softmod files and, if you want to, XBlast OS.

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Thanks for the detailed reply.

It confirms what i had suspected.

Im of two minds now :)

  1. I want to tsop a xbox.  (because i can.. )

 2. Given how cheap Aladdin chips have become, its easier and means i dont have to muck about with softmodding?


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