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    • By Tekxan
      Good day I realise that this subject has been covered before and I am not new to the scene but I haven't  messed around with my xbox for years until last night when I finally cloned and upgraded my hard drive to a 320gb drive.
      Used hexen 2018 disc but now harddrive has lba48 issue therefore I need to update my executer v2 bios. Currently running this at ver 4983.67 the lab on xbox partitioned is ver 0.
      My xbox is a 2002 model v1.1 pal and I cannot remember where to obtain the latest bios and how to perform the flash. I installed the executer 2 back in the day and 18 years later I've forgotten how to do all this stuff. Age has got the better of me but I'm sure I will understand it if some kind folks could help me out. Yep I do want to put games on the hard drive so my boy can play them more easily. 
      Please assist
      Thanks in advance
      Oh I'm in South Africa these days but originally from UK
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    • By junkyarddogmax
      is a mod chip better then softmod.?
    • By junkyarddogmax
      any link to softmodding og xbox would be great

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