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XBOX version 1.6 Open xenium Flashing Red and Green


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Some help would be really appreciated.

I really don't understand why it occurs.

But it's the second PAL OG XBOX 1.6 that "dies" after doing the modchip : Open Xenium with LPC Rebuild.

I have successfully followed this tutorial (and the solder joints look good):




- 1st one working fine during a week after Xenium mod chip LPC Rebuild + Version 2.3.5 Make MHZ then sudden black screen and after Flashing Red and Light

- 2nd one working fine after Xenium mod chip LPC Rebuild + Version 2.3.5 Make MHZ: Then died after one hour same symptom Flashing Red and Green.


Is there a way to fix this Red and Green issue?

Tried different power supplies did not make a change.

Seems to be an issue for the motherboard?










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11 hours ago, ComputerBooter said:

Remove modchip and see if it boots stock, if it does you probably have a bad joint somewhere.  Post pics of the LPC rebuild and the joints to the Xenium Header.

Hi Thanks a lot for your answer.

I will try to post the pictures.

I don't think i have a bad solder joint, they have been done really clean.

It does not boot up after even without the modchip.

.. it's the second mobo that died like this .. but this one it was only one hour after working nicely.




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11 hours ago, Dtomcat18 said:

Did you bridge this point… if you did then you’ll get the flashing without the modchip in.   But pictures would definitely help diagnose the problem 


Yes you are right .. i did the D0 Bridge so it boots up only with the CHIP MOD .. you are right i forgot it.

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