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Hello and Help Please

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Hi Guys

Just bough an OG Xbox after watching a you tube video on the emulation options

I have all the gear but no idea

Will try and help myself once i can download files, but appreciate help with a particular stage im stuck on


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So heres my breakdown 

I have an OG Xbox version K1.00.4817.01     D:1.00.5960.01

I have a copy of splinter cell, a USB to controller adapter, and a working USB drive

I purchased the USB, cable and splinter cell from ebay as a kit

when it arrived, i plugged the usb in, went to controller 2, USB shows total 4094, available 3632, so there are files on it, i just cant see them

to test the USB works i started a new game on Splinter cell, saved to hard drive, then copied to USB memory, this worked and save file copied shows, still cant see exploit save files

Next i formatted the USB using erase on Xbox, i downloaded Xplorer 360, also downloaded Softmodinstaller deluxe, extracted files for Splinter cell exploit, and loaded them to my USB, so my USB in Xplorer 360 has 2 folders, 21585554, and 5553000c in the root of the USB

Back into Xbox and still dont have files showing on memory card

Any help appreciated please

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Could be a compatibility issue with the flash drive (yes, even if saves are writing to it). The Xbox is very picky about flash drives.

Also FYI, don't use SID. It's terrible and outdated. Use JCRocky5's Please login or register to see this link. instead. And null the HDD key after the softmod is installed.

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