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Found 12 results

  1. I'm currently in the process of helping a friend finalize his emustation build. He has loaded his game as F/games/#-n G/games/M-Z I watched over video call as he ran the scanner. Upon completion of the scan he only had around 540 titles available.(#-n) On said video call I had him poke around so we could determine the issue. For some reason his file structure was changed on G partition. To G/games/"Xbox title"/"Xbox title"/.CCI default.xbe Subfoldering all of his game on G. When looking at G partition on Fatxploer everything looks as it should. No subfolders. G/games/"Xbox title"/.CCI, default.xbe I just wonder if anyone else has experienced this and what their solution was.
  2. I have look over the forum and can't find my answers. Does anyone know if there is a way to structure Xbox games in lettered folders IE (#-G, H-Q, R-Z) Or something to that effect. Or even separated by each letter would be great. I have a CCI collection ready to go just thought it might make navigating a bit cleaner. Thank in advance everybody.
  3. I have installed XBMC emo station using the hexen 2021 disk. I cannot access the downloader and order to update the dashboard as this is a build from June 2020. Does anybody know of a way to update the dashboard without the use of the internal downloader?
  4. A massive jumpstart in setting up your fresh XBMC-Emustation install. Includes thousands of ROMs and emulators as well as the EWJ 212 pack for Surreal64. Ready to be merged with your XBMC-Emustation folders. Notes: I made this pack quite a while ago, and I am currently working on a revised version that doesn't include a number of prototype/hacked ROMs, so I figured I'd post this here so when I do update it, people know what the heckeroonie I'm talking about. Readme included in pack, it's a Google Drive download. If anyone is able to mirror it i'd appreciate that! XBMC-Emustation Jumpstart V1.0 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1InRqeKu6oGcqKM7qSVlRGMf0pRFiGFil/view?usp=sharing) readme.txt
  5. Does anybody know if Rocky5's artwork downloader downloads a predetermined pack of artwork or if it only downloads artwork for games that have matching names to the sourced artwork - aka if I only have 45 nintendo roms does it download artwork just for those 45 or does it download the entire nintendo artwork library for all 1000+ games, regardless if you have them or not. Thanks!
  6. So I have all my games working and have tried XBMC-Emustation & XBMC4Gamers, Ive updated the dash to the newest version (tried the stable and non stable version). Ive downloaded and updated the Xbox Artwork Installer but every time i run it, it starts and adds the artwork but it stops in the middle of the of the D's in my library. The percentage bar hits 26% and then it quits and just sits on the artwork installer menu. I can run it again but the same thing just keeps happening. Is there a way to just manually add the artwork using fatxplorer, this is the last step. I just need the artwork so i can run Xbmc4Gamers as my dash and have it look amazing!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm struggeling a bit with the softmod setting from OGXbox 2021 Softmode installation on my Box. Softmode installation works like charm. Afterward i used the "install single Dashbord" installer to install XBMC (to e:\xbmc as default) and i agree to use XBMC as my default dashboard. So far so pretty ... after the reboot, XMBC starts, all fine, but ... When i manuelly install xbmc-emustation (from source package) to f:\XBMC-Emustation, my box always boots up from XBMC-Emustation and not from XBMC. Same for XBMC4Gamers (f:\XBMC4Gamers). How can I change ?? Rework with Installer DVD is not working (change default dashboard). What did i miss ?? Thanks !!
  8. So far I've tried folders, zip files, raw/loose files in roms/scummvm and emulators/scummvm/roms, and creating .svm files with shortnames in them, no luck though. I'm wondering if anyone else has this working and can offer some guidance here. Loader.xbe in scummvm sees and loads them fine
  9. I’m having an issue with the box failing to showing up for my emulators. I have my view mode set to detailed and the art I downloaded came straight from the XBMC downloader. I even checked to see if the files were downloaded into the correct directory. I’m really stumped on this one. I feel like I’m definitely missing something and I can’t seem to find any solutions online. If you guys got any advice or potential solutions it would be very much appreciated.
  10. Just softmoded my xbox with JCRocky5 softmod and installed emustation. I cant figure out what all of the emulators stand for in the rom/media/emulator folders. Does anyone have a list of what they all are? I know some like nes and snes but there are a lot that i dont know. Also, I really want to know what the ports emulator is. I think its for DOOM but am unsure. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys/girls Im using XBMC-emustation test build v1.3.193 And downloaded the trainers from the downloads option. It installed them on the q: drive, and I scanned them. But how do I use them? or enable them? I can't seem to find an option to enable them for my games. I searched through all the options. but nowhere a option to be found. also the installer has no how to. Hope you can help me find it
  12. Evening, guys. I have installed XbmcEmustation, but I have a problem. Despite being connected to the network, it does not make me download anything from the Downloader. For example, I go to the Emulators section to download one, I click to download, but it does nothing, I can continue to move in the menu without being able to download. Did it happen to you?

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