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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, There are numerous posts throughout the interwebs with people reporting vertical lines showing in the boot animation and MS dashboard when running in 480i. The standard response when people bring up the issue seems to be be 'check your capacitors' and 'just force 480p'. I've seen some people report their caps are either fine, or they replaced them with no change, and I know that forcing 480p does fix the issue, but what I would like to understand is, are there systems using the Conexant encoder which don't suffer from this 480i issue, or is there anyone who had the issue who actually solved the issue by replacing caps and if so, which capacitors solved the issue? Thanks for any feedback. This just seems like one of those issues which have affected a number of people but that the community maybe doesn't understand the actual cause.
  2. I'm playing Fable and there are these vertical white lines, maybe 4-5 of them on my screen. I dismissed it at first thinking it was a weird thing from using RCA cables to 3.5mm S video on my Sony TV, but then got my Pound HDMI thing and lines are still there. Anyone know what's causing this? Only shows up in Fable.
  3. i was trying out a v1.4 today. i played xmen legends 2 and had no problem. i swapped to fable and noticed that there were these faint checkerboard lines running vertical through the screen. i tried it with the modchip active and without and it was identical. could this be caused by a bad cap that is feeding the gpu? also, why did the v1.4 use 10volt caps? will 6.3volt caps work in their place?
  4. OK. I just put together a Ver 1.2 XBOX with IND 5004 bios. During the bios boot I get these thin vertical red lines. I have always used a EVOX 8m bios and have never had this problem before. I'm wondering if this is normal with this bios? It looks fine when fully booted into Unleash X. I don't have another IDE to SATA adaptor. So it's either in the Bios itself or the adaptor. I only have one of the cheap chinese adaptors here. Anybody got any thoughts?
  5. Dear All, I currently own 2 xbox, one 1.4 and one 1.2 motherboard revision, both work fine, but on 1.2 I see vertical lines, when running on Pal Interlaced modes (480i) since the graphics chip is different, Focus vs Conexant, has anyone experience the same? Both mobos have latest Ind_Bios 5004.67, brand new caps and thermals replaced

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