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Found 5 results

  1. Hello friends I have bought a couple of faulty controllers off ebay to repair. The first one I succesfully replaced the sticks with XBOX360 ones, added pots and successfully calibrated precisely to the centre the sticks using XBCD from https://www.s-config.com/xbcd-original-xbox-controllers-win10/ The second controller when testing there is no "+" on the left stick (as attached). I've replaced the sticks, but its still the same. The controller had been opened so it could be a botched upgrade. The strange thing is I have searched Google for hours and I cannot find a single post with any type of controller with this issue! The traces look OK except a couple of pads on the 3 legged pot control. When soldering a new stick I quickly checked the traces to the soldered legs and I get continuity. I will investigate this further, but normally with botched upgrades you do get a signal with the "+" usually stuck on the edge of the square. Is there anything obvious I could check first? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I bought a classic Xbox that has a power problem. The seller told me he had mistakenly connected the console to a 220V source. the type of PSU is Foxlink 1-row. Unfortunately, 4 pieces on the power board are apparently damaged, and I do not know the name and capacity of the two electronic pieces. Also, I could not recognize the value of a resistance due to the color change. I put some pictures of these pieces .If possible, please guide me to identify these pieces. Thanks
  3. i tried hot glue but it doesn't stick to rubber. i want to be able to remove the feet again if need be so super glue is out. what would be the best?
  4. I have a few x3 chips and purchased some of the cheaper 20x4 lcd panels to use and need to make some wiring harnesses for them. I can’t seem to find that style connector that was used on the chip. I’d like to at least have one end I can disconnect so the chip isn’t tied to the faceplate.
  5. Hello All, new to the og Xbox modding. i found this one for 15 bucks with intention to mod but already had a chip and an upgraded 250gb hard drive. Curious if i should leave it be or upgrade it....

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