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Found 7 results

  1. edit: unfortunately it looks like DSL might set the UDMA mode to 33. Cerbios UDMA66 also scores like 33. I have been curious about whether the older BIOSs are running UMDA33 or UMDA66. UnleashX says M8+ runs UDMA4 for example. So I thought I would load up X-DSL and run hdparm tests with M8+ flashed. With "hdparm -tT /dev/hda" I see cached reads of 440MB/s (that's RAM speed) and buffered disk reads of 28.67 MB/s. That's UDMA33. Also, hdparm -I /dev/hda reports UDMA2 which is 33.
  2. Hey everyone! I managed to get Alpine Linux working on the xbox with a 5.15 kernel! It's command line only right now so no sound or desktop environment. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DVtaFB22BeUntv46iKk8FT0YSwMncD2a/view?usp=sharing If anyone wants to try it. user=user password=xbox be careful with the f_drive it's using the fatx fuse from https://github.com/mborgerson/fatx so f drive needs to be f takes all format. You can edit /etc/local.d/xbox-bootup.start and set the manual offset and size if you have a different f drive set up. there's a backup rootfs.tar.gz.backup that will get created incase something goes wrong that is rotated out from the last rootfs each shutdown/reboot if needed If anyone wants you should actually be able to get a full desktop working. There's a guide here for wayland/weston: https://flighttestdude.wordpress.com/alpine-linux-stuff/ should work fine with the simpledrm driver I have set up. I'll probably try and set up something way lighter and experiment around with different desktops.
  3. Hey all, I've just got back into playing my original xbox and I've got XMBC4GAMERS set up on a new 2tb HDD. Can anyone advise on patching xbe game files using Linux so that i can take advantage of 128mb of RAM?
  4. Hi. I want to test gameplay with different consoles releases and I saw on ebay a console manifactured by linux in 2004. It's not just a sofmod. :https://www.cafr.ebay.ca/itm/Microsoft-Xbox-Original-Console-LINUX-cords-Collectible-Tested-Very-Rare/184022790146?hash=item2ad89cf002:g:XB0AAOSwGBRcGsOH Do it can to be interesting to test or it do any difference about gamplay? It's just for somes extra options negligible ?
  5. Hello World Let's discuss about Linux on Xbox Original, and what is it good for? I've read people use it to browse the internet and even watch Youtube throught a special distributive of Mozilla. Can anyone confirm launching Linux ports of Windows games on XDSL, and which ones? Counter Strike port for Linux would be awesome, never tried that, but found a port of 1.4 or 1.5 on the web. Maybe anyone kept a website on Xbox, by using it as server? What I was most impressed of, is the posibility of running a cluster of Xbox-es, tried that few years ago, but the update links for that distro were all dead, hope somebody has an image of a Linux distributive with everything set up or maybe can point on how to fully install everything in 2018. Do I understand correctly. that the cluster's power is all node's powers summarized, for example as the picture shows , is 12 x 733 mhz = 8796mhz? http://www.bgfax.com/xbox/home.html https://www.anandtech.com/show/1539/8 http://www.xl-cluster.org/index.php
  6. Is there a tool to achieve this? I'm upgrading the HDD in my Xbox, and after the initial formatting I would like to load it with data from another PC using a sata connection instead of transferring over the network. I understand the Xbox formatted drive is a format Windows does not natively like, but is there a tool or Linux equivalent so I can mount the drive outside of the Xbox? Thanks again,
  7. How to install XDSL from a disc. Link in the description of the video. Enjoy!

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