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Found 4 results

  1. I purchased a xbox communicator adapter hoping I would be able to use a stereo 2.5 mm plug. I am unable to fit the plug to the adapter b/c of raised edge interference. I rather use what I have if possible. What are my options? Do I disassemble the adapter leaving half intact. Do I file down the raised edges so the jack is flush. Does anyone know where I can get an old mono headset with mic used for cell phones 2.5 mm plug? Does anyone know if there is a 2.5 mm cable extension that would fit or is it all proprietary. I am having difficulty disassembling the communicator adapter, it seems to catch at the top, I don't know why. Has anyone disassembled one before?
  2. I've got 4 Xboxes I've softmodded for my family using Rocky's softmod tool, and I nulled the keys as well during that process (all zeros, but will soon upgrade to all ones to be compatible with Insignia - hopefully its an easy process to upgrade the softmod dashboard/tool). I currently have a larger drive in one of them that has the dashboard, emulators, and games set up just the way I want it. I want to put larger hard drives in the other three and have all four be the exact same setup. Rather than cloning the stock hard drive to a larger drive during the upgrade process and then spending the lengthy time FTPing over the hundreds of MB's of data with the data rate transmission limitations and drop outs inherent with FTP, since all the XBOX's have nulled keys I was planning on just taking the larger drive I've already set up and cloning it 3 times - and then putting those cloned drives into the other 3 xboxes. Much simpler and quicker. However, with Insignia needing the Serial Number, HDD Key, and Online Key for each Xbox would cloning a hard drive from one xbox and putting that newly created hard drive into another xbox change the way the serial number or online key is read in the "newly upgraded" Xbox and make it incompatible with Insignia? Or does it not matter as it will just pull the serial number and online key from the mobo and doing what I described above will still be compatible with Insignia? Thanks all!
  3. Hello. Im new guy here. More of a customer then a modder. I recently purchased a modded xbox from a reputable source. The unit itself is great. I am having a problem though. I have a 65" vizio 4k tv in my living room (this is where i need this setup). I cannot get a stable signal to the tv. It is constantly dropping signal every 2-10 seconds. The screen is blacking out and on. I have spent all week trying to figure this out with multiple setups and adapters. Tried panorama hd converter cable Pound hd converter Component to hdmi Yes the connections are seated properly in the inputs. I tried every combination of all things on each individual hdmi input. All with the same results or worse even. The xbox itself works good on older tvs i have in other rooms. So i do not think this is the problem. I called vizio and they gave me a long answer which ended in the tv is just not compatible with this xbox. Which i think sounds like a bogus answer but, maybe they are right. Was basically that tv wont upscale an xbox to 4k. They told me hdmi 3 input is not a 4k input. That does not work either. I feel like their answer was lazy because if 4k is the problem and hdmi 3 input is not 4k and that does not work either then problem is something different. I also have an email conversation open with guys from pound technology. So far they are of no help at all. So my thoughts are who would know the answer to this better then the great people of ogxbox community. Guys who master fixing all problems xbox. Tv model# is V655-G9 Has 3x hdmi input And 1 x Composite (not component) 1 x Cable input Anyone here has had this issue before and solved it? I would appreciate very much any help you can provide. Thank you. Edit: if there is a better category to post this in let me know so i can move post.
  4. So say I'm building an XBOX annnnnnd I've got some XBOX360 consoles laying around, I'm wondering if the DVD drive will work? Technically the consensus has been ANY XBOX DVD drive is compatible with ANY XBOX

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