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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All! I can't seem to find a thread on this so will ask the question. Does anyone know where I can purchase good quality OGxbox style game cases that match the original green colour from the retail shells?
  2. Hello All, Recently started to collect OG Xbox games and consoles, and I've come across something interesting, to which no one seems to know the answer. I bought a couple of factory sealed copies of Madden 05 recently on eBay, and noticed something odd about one of the cases... the outer portion where you open the case has two brackets near the center (see images via the links below). Every other game I've picked up at local gaming shops, or online via eBay have not had this case design. The color of case looks spot on relative to the rest of my games, and everything else looks authentic, and the game is in new condition and plays perfectly. It even had the official seal and legit factory plastic around the case. Has anyone ever come across these case styles? Are they OEM? Worried that I got scammed a bit... though, the games weren't overly expensive to begin with. I've kept a couple sealed, but I can feel that none of the others have this bracket. https://ibb.co/6nTgcPR https://ibb.co/ydMVDWj https://ibb.co/9pwFyzg Any thoughts?
  3. FOR SALE! $35 +shipping from USA. Most in very good condition, except where noted. All NTSC List of games with original jewel case and manual booklet included, except where noted: Arena Football Call of Duty Finest Hour The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay Crimson Skies *Water damage to jewel cover and insert* Conflict; Desert Storm Conflict; Desert Storm (Platinum Hits) Deus Ex Invisible War Dead of Alive 3 Enter the Matrix (Platinum Hits) Goldeneye Rogue Agent Halo Hitman 2 Madden 2008 Mercenaries *Jewel plastic slightly warped* Medal of Honor Frontline Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition *Jewel plastic is very warped* Midtown Madness 3 NBA Live 2002 NCAA Football 2005 / Top Spin NCAA Football 2008 NFL Fever 2002 Project Gotham Racing *Missing booklet* Project Gotham Racing Project Gotham Racing 2 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War Splashdown *Missing booklet* Spider-Man Unreal Championship Discs only, come in Xbox disc holder: 007 Agent Under Fire Amped Arctic Thunder Circus Maximums Chariot Wars Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Enter the Matrix ESPN Basketball Ghost Recon Hulk Lord of the Kings Return of the King Myst III Exile Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee Project Gotham Racing Project Gotham Racing Rallisport Challenge (Platinum Hits) Splinter Cell SWAT Global Strike Team Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Wreckless The Yakuza Missions Other: Halo 2 case and booklet with no disc Top Spin case, booklet, and disc, but disc is scratched and having issues
  4. If anyone needs original xbox cases hit me up just pay shipping they are missing faceplates but clean top and bottom.
  5. Currently looking for XCM cases, based in the US.
  6. Verynormal


    Hi looking to buy some cheaper cases for my 2 xboxes, i don't need anything crazy but it seems like the ghostcases seem kinda flimsy and break a lot so i figured id see what you guys have to offer. Trying to spend less than 50 USD per case and id be happy buying even just 1 dont really need the 2 unless its for cheap ya know.

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