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Found 4 results

  1. I've been trying some CCI games with BFM Cerbios and Crimson Skies only boots to a black screen. However, if I disconnect the ethernet cable, it loads the loading screen, but freezes as well, just gets a tad bit further. I've tested on 3 different xbox's, all v1.6. Two are fresh BFM softmods, another has Dashloader BFM. I've only tested a handful of games so far, but Crimson is the only one that has issues. I've changed language in the MS Dash, reset, changed back to English. The dashloader xbox has the v1.6 xtf fonts, K.1.0.5838.1.xtf, renamed to xbox.xtf. I've disabled 480p/720p in both the MS Dash, and XBMC4Gamers. Issue persists across hdmi and component, 2 different tv's. I've deleted all gamesaves and dlc for the game, as well as folder 4D530021. Deleted the game, downloaded another redump from Archive. Tried both the repacked and unpacked versions. I loaded the 480p script in 4Gamers, and it said I didn't need it for this game. The fresh BFM's are 2TB, WD20EZBX, The Dashloader BFM is 3TB, HUS724030ALA640. Startech adapter and 80 wire on all three. Formatted in FatX using Hazenos guide. 2TB's have 128KB clusters, the 3TB has 256KB, Maxed F, deleted G. Everything else has worked fine so far, other xbox games, emulators, demos, homebrew. All are registered with Insignia, but haven't created gamertags yet. What does removing the ethernet cable have to do with loading just a bit further into the menu? With the cable connected, its a solid black screen. Disconnected, my tv flickers, as it does when a resolution change is taking place, a tiny green horizontal line appears for a split second, loading screen appears, then freezes. Attached are logs. One is after Crimson fails to load, another is after Halo loads successfully. Crimson.xbmc.log Crimson.xbmc.old.log Halo.xbmc.log Halo.xbmc.old.log
  2. Figured I'd give my results of testing I did today. Initially, I was under the impression that a softmod couldn't take advantage of anything past the stock UDMA 2, but a user on the xboxscene discord said it should work, so I tried it. The results aren't exciting, but it's a clear improvement. I performed the tests on a v1.6 with an HGST 3TB HUS724030ALA640, at full capacity, only 100GB free on F. The only changes were the bios version. UnleashX noticed the changes. The stock bios showed Ultra DMA Mode 4, the UDMA 5 bios shows Ultra DMA Mode 32. I was told this is to be expected, as UX doesn't show the correct numbers, but it clearly shows the changes being made. Everything I tested showed an improvement, although minimal. I ran every test 3 times and took the average. The xbox has an 80 wire and Startech adapter. UDMA 2 (Mode 4) UDMA 5 (Mode 32) Console Off to XBMC4Gamers = 36 seconds 34 seconds XBMC4Gamers to Emustation = 16 15 XBMC4Gamers to UnleashX = 51 50 XBMC4Gamers IGR = 33 32 UnleashX Soft Reset = 18 15 XBMC4Gamers to CoinOps8Massive = 12 11 XBMC4Gamers to Xenon's PS1 Pack = 15 14 XBMC4Gamers to Xenon's NES Pack = 16 14 XBMC4Gamers to Halo CE (No Trainers) = 27 25 XBMC4Gamers to Halo 2 (No Trainers) = 34 32 XBMC4Gamers to Def Jam FFNY (No Trainers) = 26 24 My next test will be with my old 60GB OCZ Agitity II that I had in my pc versus UDMA 6.
  3. So I recently learned a valuable lesson about TSOP flashing when I flashed my 1.0 with iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67.bfm.bin rather than the non-BFM version of the bios. I was wondering what the practical purpose of the BFM (Boot from Media) bios is, and how one would even use it? I'm assuming it is a BIOS that something can load AFTER the Xbox as already booted and initialized all hardware?
  4. Is there a way to Force a BFM BIOS to set the clock speed of CPU,GPU,RAM?

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