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Found 4 results

  1. XBOX ORIGINAL EXECUTER 3CE HDMI 3TB HDD Fresh build!!! I am located in Utah, hoping to only ship in USA if possible. $500 or best offer. I built 2 systems at same time hoping to sell the 2.6ce one and keep the 3ce, but not gettting the price I hoped so likely will have to sell both. Too many bills this week. https://youtu.be/bGeajOUkg3o See photos here: https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/65233009 Currently loaded with 311 XBOX games, but you should be able to fit EVERY XBOX game ever made for XBOX on this 3TB HDD if you use the HDD READY versions (I can show you how). Everything works correctly, ready to boot and play! My cost of parts in (everything except xbox and xecuter is brand new in August 2021): $100 Stock XBOX (revision 1.4) with 4 controllers $150 XECUTER 3 CE Mod Chip (rare and desired by many) $69 Clear Crystal Ghost Case and Blue LED Kit $86 3TB Hard Drive (Seagate BarraCuda ST3000DM007) $22 SATA to IDE adapter (StarTech IDE2SAT2) $10 Upgraded Ribbon Cable 80-way 24” $15 New Motherboard Capacitors from Mouser $4 Artic Silver Thermal Paste $7 XBOX Compatible USB Drive $5 USB to Controller Port Interface $9 Custom Jewel $33 HDMI Cable Total Parts is $510, labor additional (please see below) I am an expert solderer. I’ve done 10,000+ repairing vintage recording consoles, so the soldering on this is expert quality. Labor was installing the Xecuter modchip (soldering), removing the clock capacitor (soldering), replaced 26 capacitors on Motherboard (soldering),removed all the old thermal paste on 2 heat sinks, used fresh Artic Silver thermal paste, clean inside, clean fan, install Ghostcase, install 3TB hard drive, install StarTech adapter, install upgraded 80-way cable, clean inside DVD drive and clean optical, format hard drive, install XBMC4Gamers and the best dashes, load 166 games, test. TruHeXEn 2021 DVD-r included. This sale also includes the black cover and faceplate, old hard drive and other old parts including a baggie of the old capacitors. Current DVD drive is a Samsung SDG-605 working great and ejecting great. I replaced the rubber belt with a brand new one. I will include the old belt and another new one for backup. The Ghostcase kit has parts to make the top of the DVD drive see thru, but didn’t mount right on this drive. I will include in this sale in case you ever get a Thomson drive to use on that. Sale includes power cable, HDMI cable, component cable, and composite cable. Also includes 4 controllers. Sale includes a spare power supply (tested working). All new parts were just bought in August 2021, so this is a fresh build with low hours! I can include documentation and receipts if desired. The Blue LED Kit is just tacked in place with hot glue in top center. It can easily be peeled off and moved if desired. https://youtu.be/bGeajOUkg3o I currently have 2 different systems for sale, see separate ads 3CE and 2.6CE...
  2. Hey guys, Reaching out as i was hoping you could help. A couple years back i bought another x3 modded xbox and it turned out the chip was faulty. Recently i have decided to revisit this and see if its possible to get this chip working. It is installed in a 1.6 version xbox. So far i have swapped the x3 from another 1.6 box and was able to transfer the fault between machines so i know its the modchip. I am getting the 3.3v and 5v lights on the chip, and the bank switcher lights and button functions are working. I cannot get onto the backup nand either. I have a feeling the previous owner corrupted the main nand as I am unable to flash any bios to the chip. xblastos detects the chip as an xecuter 3 but no other apps can see it. Just wondering what is left to do? is there a utility that defaults the nand or can recover from a suspected bad flash? Out of my depth here now, as i've owned numerous x3 boxes over the years but none have ever given me any hassle. Hope you guys can help. Cheers!
  3. So I have an executer 3ce chip that is missing the reset/eject adaptor. I have the cable that connects To the chip I just need to know which wires, that are connected to the eject/reset buttons on the Xbox, to splice into. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. xbox blue ghostcase blue x3 control panel xecuter 3ce 320gb harddrive coinops ninja massive 71 xbox games 2 controllers in perfect condition inc all kabels books dont now what to ask, i am from the netherlands. but shipping is possible after i searched what the costs are.

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