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  1. Hi, i found a pal iso and extracted it using xdvdmulleter and ftp'ed it over to the xbox. No issues playing the eastern bay tracks so considering this sorted. no idea why the ntsc version isn't working though. I suppose i could just have found my original copy and played it from the drive, but wheres the fun in that! thanks all!
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. It a strange one, that's what I had presumed and was why i tried a different download. Maybe the recent one I downloaded was also corrupt, both from the same source? On ftp, there was no failed transfers either time? Should I see if I can find another source? Cheers
  3. Hi, was hoping you guys could help. When loading any event on the 'Eastern Bay' tracks in Burnout Revenge, I get a black screen error with text explaining the disc is damaged or dirty. Obviously I'm playing this from the HD, so no optical disc as such, but the error persists. I have tested this on a friends console and also tried downloading another copy of the game and ftping it over to rule out a bad install. No change. Is there some sort of patch for this game, or is it a noted issue? I cant see anything else about it. Both machines were 1.6 boxes with basic Aladdin chi
  4. Hi, Just ftp'ed over to the box, renamed xbmc4gamers folder and uploaded a new copy. Back to square one, but after some tweaking all is well again! Have no idea what caused that glitch, but sorted now! Thanks all for your advice. Is there anything worth holding onto in the old folder, or just discard?
  5. It's setup as an ntsc machine. Should i just rename the xbmc4gamers folder and upload a new one and be done with it? Is there any button combos to bypass the startup scripts?
  6. I renamed it, it created a new one, asked me to calibrate again, restart and back to being asked to calibrate... strange one! Heres the most recent logs... xbmc.log 12:21:42 M: 56573952 NOTICE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12:21:42 M: 56565760 NOTICE: Starting XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3-r33026 (SVN:33026, compiler 1310). Built on Oct 13 2020 12:21:42 M: 56565760 NOTICE: special://xbmc/ is mapped to: Q:\ 12:21:42 M: 56565760 NOTICE: special://masterprofile/ is mapped to: Q:\system\UserData 12:21:42 M: 56565760 NOTICE: special://home/ is mapped
  7. from xbmc.log 12:09:10 M: 36978688 ERROR: Unable to save settings to special://profile/guisettings.xml could this file be corrupt? if i were to rename, would it generate a new one?
  8. Nope, just moved box from one tv to another. Will do this now and have a look. No updates that i was aware of. There was a change of av lead from component to rgb scart, no composite however.
  9. Hi, been using this install for ages with no issues. Today after moving from one tv (on component) to another tv (on RGB, don't know if this is important) xbmc4gamers is asking me to calibrate the screen. I do this, it asks to restart, then when it starts up again it is asking for calibration again, then reset and so on, stuck in a loop. Is there a way to bypass this, or maybe a config file to change or delete that will let me back in again? I notice after calibration finishes and the restart dialogue comes up, there is a notification in the top left that says 'script failed'.
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply. So just continue what im doing then and just remove pin 4 from the header, leave the rest? I take it all the 5v pin does these days on the chip is light the led, hence your bypass mod?
  11. Alright folks, Of the numerous aladdin chips i've installed into 1.6 xboxes, i have installed the pin header with pin 4 removed, rebuilt lpc, connected bt->gnd on chip, cut the lframe trace at the xyclops chip and ignored installing the d0->gnd wire. This has always worked fine for me. Recently i have seen different and conflicting instructions on de-pinning the header. it was suggested to also remove pin 3 (lframe), 6 (5v) and 12 (gnd). I'm wondering what the benefit is and whether i need to start doing it this way? I'm presuming pin 6 has been left out so standby po
  12. Belled out the switch on both a working chip and the faulty one... both got similar readings. I think the switch is working fine... unfortunately as it would have been an easy fix. its odd that both the main and backup nand are locked out, would suggest the protect circuit to me. But then again, the chip did come to be broken, maybe i was just sold a pup?
  13. No probs, so if i simply remove the switch it should be permanently unprotected?
  14. Hi, the colour changes when i move the internal protect switch and the external one, but i don't think the nand wants to be written to in any state. Is it worth pulling the switch off and just solder bridging the points to keep it permanently unprotected? I got a chance to boot into config live with the good chip, hotswap to the problem one, and try to burn flashbios 303 to the backup rom... same "please remove write protection and flash again" error, that's the same on both the main nand and the backup nand. Safe to say the chip is a goner? I'm not afraid to get the rework stat
  15. Okay i'll give that a try later. Just remove the front panel connection and try an erase. Whats the bare minimum wires i need to connect after a hotswap? just the aux 5v due to the 1.6 board?

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