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  1. I am reposting this topic again because i think the topic was pulled down. I asked a question?, To all the owners, modder's, collector's whatever, whoever. The God knowledge CPU upgraders...ETC Why is the Power supply upgrade neglected? Come on guys make your system better than ever, the ultimate original xbox Power Is the single most vital none motherboard component in you hybrid pc game console that can be improved really easy if you wanted to. Give your system a larger deeper well of wattage to draw water from, so your system will run more efficiently then ever before because not a single watt asked for is not given to it immediately with ease of operation. Have your fan's run faster and at full speed effortlessly, Open the possibility for other hardware mods or definitely other cooling mods. Power is important, not to big ...' not to small but just the right oversized power supply, Bigger than the manufacturer's But not too big. Any flex atx will do with modification. Or heavy modification depending on what your skill set is and what equipment you have to work with. Message me with questions and i will give you my email.. Console power supplies suck. Power was limited by the space in witch the power supply had to go into at the time of current technology of consoles. Consoles are computer's dummed down. Anyway point being always and i mean always upgrade the consoles power supply first then the rest of the crap. Cpu upgrade, ram upgrade, mod chip upgrade, lights upgrade, cooling upgrade. Blah Blah Blah, What do all of these mods have in common? More Power consumption of the system. They are all almost worthless without the larger wattage well to draw from... Upgrade your power supplies to these amazing modded consoles. Compliment your ram upgrade, cpu, upgrade, mod chip upgrade, lights upgrade, etc with a better atx power supply. Any flex atx will do see my photos on mine. Also i am selling on ebay 4 fat model ps2's custom painted with a double size power supply riged in it. It runs better than ever. Despite maximum wattage use. That is based on an inadequate power supply that is small enough to fit in a compact space. Now uh days we have 1U server power supplies that deliver up to 1000 watts, Flex atx, standard 1u flex atx, tfx, sfx...ETC U name it... it exist now... Compact power punching power supplies. It just takes a little creativity and a little desire to upgrade. Remember the xbox uses a 3.3 standby mode. So you have to mod you small power supply to do this. Easy money, just get a step down transformer tiny logic board. Convert 5 volt volt stand by VSB to 3.3 VSB. USING A BUCK CONVERTER.
  2. Make an adapter and solder it in, it uses a almost atx plug i made one and soldered one in. sand paper melting a 24 pin connector. i soldered it into the main board
  3. Wrong on that? It can be overclocked witch means it can pull more wattage. I'm talking after ram and cpu or overclock upgrade. Plus a more efficient power supply will always help the system with response time. The board will never ask for power and not receive it with a bigger power supply. And when the psu starts to wear down it is still operating under low load, so it will power the main board better completely instead of not enough power cause it's wearing out. Power supplies and motherboards have dramatically shrunk . You should upgrade you power supply for the console. Power is the single greatest upgrade you can do for your system It helps everything. Like water to the human body. dummy.
  4. sorry to here your system went down. Usually the psu out lives the other hardware. Bigger is always better with power supplies but not to big for the application. Reasonably bigger power supply So the power supply iteself doesn't get underworked with too low a load. I redid mine again i posted photos of this morning then this late afternoon. Afternoon photos show a better done power supply mod. I shorten my cables down.
  5. here i redid the wiring job on the power supply and made the fan fit better .
  6. Here is my psu mod using a solid gear flex atx 320 watt power supply. I'm still working on fitment fan issue. My larger fan won't let me push the motherboard in properly to line up with its regular mounts. 110v aluminum fan at the back. The console is working but i still need a place for the hard drive. Question, after aladdin xt install can i do the ram upgrade and have no problems booting up. Does the aladdin xt act like the tosp flash. Is it better then the TSOP flash. I got the chip on here yesterday. I still have to adjust my case fitment wire cable lengths and all that. I left my cable lengths way long in case my 1.1 v died and i had to use a different version so i would have some slack to cut and resolder another wire plug in. I Removed all the rails off the power supply and then soldered in my own. Its very crampted because i used larger gauge wire then the power supply is suppost to have on it and i added a couple of extra cables. I had a bunch of wire harness from the dead precision 690 and dell precision 5400 and 5500 pcs lying around so i used the wire off those to save money on cables. I melted a 24 pin ATX connector and pull out all the wires on one side of it. Then sanded it down to make my one single file 12 pin plug connector out of it. My motherboard is recapped , My power supply is recapped as well with low esr capacitors, I did the same for the 24 pin connector on the board. I desoldered a 24 pin connector and sanded it down and melted it down then soldered it into the motherboard. I pulled off a non working pc motherboard. See photos. 5v to 3.3vsb is down using logic ic with a tuner on it. Its a step down transformer. transforming my 5vsb into 3.3vsb. My reads 3.54 volts. The console will start with this.
  7. Alright here is the alternative or possible alternative i found doing a few searches. PIC16F886-SO. The pinout seem the same and bet these things would be 90 cents or something from ali express or from china. You would have to pull your old one off your mother board and rip the firmware off of it. Also this is for the version 1.1 and 1.2xbox. Pinouts are identical but this ic chip witch has 28 pins short pins not long. Has a lower operating voltage or starting minimum voltage. It would run cooler if it can handle a larger input starting voltage. But im not sure i would have to study the pdf and im not electrical engineer or anything so when its get technical i have to google the terms used. gate volt gateway drain, rise I mean i can read the pinout and see that it matches but it might be a little different. If you voltage regulator has blown out in your xbox and you have the board or donor board you could pull the chip rip the firmware using a programmer and adapter then resolder it back down to the motherboard.
  8. I purposed this topic im working on puting an atx power supply in it. But i fried one motherboard because of a pinout issue i did a 1.0 backwards. Fried that sucker. But thats my first xbox im on the second. now hopeing this one will work out. I did the ram upgrade and a mod chip to the first one. See my other topic upgrade the cpu to amd athlon xp mobile socket 563. Thats my goal that i would like to attempt with the xbox but for now im going to just do power paint, ram mod chip. recapp restore. I referenced 2 diagrams one from the hacking the xbox book and the other off google image. It just said front on it. I thought it was coming back to front. They need to put a pointer on that thing. Plus i looked at the circuit on the motherboard and it appeared as though the ground pins where near the front of the xbox 1.0. I reversed the pinout and fried a motherboard. But in doing so i fried the voltage regulator removed it and decided to do some googling on part numbers. To see if there is a better one. I found one after i did a search best 8 bit mcu and got an ic That was similiar i didn't download the pdf though dang it i just relized it. There a new upgrade to perform like the super nintendo.
  9. Progress update AMD cpu upgrade instead of the pentium III in the xbox. I got my first xbox and decapped it and removed and disected it thats what im doing right now. Looking for cpu canadates or other mod ideas. Anyone ever try to just put a socket 495 cpu in it The xbox is suppost to be socket 495 so the 495 chips would be the closest to a direct replacement i would assume. They have a lower front side bus though. Would this be a possible upgrade with no adapter required? It goes against my other idea for the amd cpu but still to get an early upgrade going will raise my spirits on this endeavor on this idea i put fourth... Socket 462 is really large in physical size after i finally picked one up on the ziff socket. There is also a socket 563 or AMD socket 563 that looks a little more doable then the 462. Amd cpu Athlon XP-M FOR MOBILE. It comes in lower tdp of 25 to 35 watts as well. Better for that power issue. I have to get one in real life to get a measurement on it. Socket 462 ziff non mobile is really big in size. Im not sure the difference between the tualatin physical size and the old athlons . Any old pc builders from the past out there. Please if you see this post enlighten me on the cpu sizes or physical sizes and pinouts bga sockets. Cpu collectors out there please send me pictures and or give me the link to your online gallerie's. I need real life measurements and photos of socket 462 mobile vs non mobile 462, Amd socket 462. Also socket 563 amd socket 563 mobile ziff and bga. Pentium tualatin phyiscal size vs mobile vs bga etc. Are there adapters for the amd socket 563. So a 462 can go in it. Is the amd socket 462 the same as the 563 and 563 is just the bga version of the 462. It has me confused right now In fact if this topic is interesting to you and you want to progress it please donate to me some old amd cpus if you have them laying around in the above mentioned sockets socket 495/socket 462 mobile, socket 563 any amd adapters that i haven't discovered yet. Message me for contact info or shipping info i would even buy them from you. There very rare chips.
  10. Are the xbox daughter boards for usb universal or not? Version 1.0
  11. Originally Xbox was going to use an AMD Processor/CPU. Don't shoot down ideas based on assumption. Last minute design change put the Intel based CPU in the system according to reverse engineer Andrew Huang. He wrote a book on reverse engineering the Xbox. Below is a modified quote of His published book and or findings, Hacking the Xbox I added definitions from google on the terms used in his book. "In addition, it was rumored that Microsoft had originally chosen an AMD processor for the Xbox, and switched to Intel at the last minute. If custom blocks were integrated into the processor core, Microsoft could not have switched between CPU vendors so easily. On the other hand, nVidia’s chipsets are designed modularly (Modularly: Constructed out of usually prefabricated units with standardized dimensions, allowing for easy assembly and flexible arrangement ) using silicon compilers:(, A silicon compiler :is a software system that takes a user's specifications and automatically generates an integrated circuit) so it is technically easier to add warts like a secure boot block. Furthermore, the chipset in the Xbox is a custom build of the nForce made just for Microsoft, tailored specifically for an Intel front-side bus (FSB)." Point being there are pc motherboards very similiar to the original xbox that use the same unified memory architecture. Amd cpu motherboards also use this same chipset style or the nvidia Nforce. Its universally created. Witch is the pc version of the original xbox. Or closest chipset style to the xbox.
  12. Why is it the ram and cpu upgrades on the original xbox are done. But those that do fail to upgrade the next most vital component in your console pcs. Upgrade you power supplies to a larger one to give the system better response time and a deeper well of wattage to pull from. Put an atx in there that has 2 12 v rails and make sure that board has all the power running to it efficiently a 80 or 90 % percent efficient 400 or 500 or 300 watt power supply will give you so many more options for cooling and give that mainboard all the power it needs to function better than ever. Also put low esr capacitors on the board or aluminum polymer capacitors that run at a lower frequenzy and run cooler for you system to truly modernize it. I see the cpu upgrade the ram upgrade, the firmware upgrade, the cosmetic upgrades, but no power upgrades, no capacitor component upgrades. Why are you people not doing this with your retro game consoles. Seriously why has no xbox with the formentioned upgrades that are common talked about not complimented with a larger power supply. And don't give me that crap about the system only uses so much power blah blah blah. That isn't true. A more efficient power supply and low esr capacitors will do wonders for you system. I did a power supply upgrade for the playstation 2 and i can tell you it works better than ever and i can put a 12v fan in it and still give the main board all the power it could ever need with a 180 watt imac power supply from an apple imac A1224 i have 3 for sale on ebay see them there nicely painted and perform better and have a big boy pc grounded 3 pin 110v-250v ac in plug. Also line filters Emi filters, get them there amazing.
  13. get ideas flowing i hope if i leave this up for a long long time answers will come

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