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  1. Thanks @madmon I feel like a idiot, because of the white boarder around the holes for pinheaders I thought I should be solderd there. now it is working!
  2. @KaosEngineer sorry yes you right, thanks @madmon
  3. Hey @KaosEngineer I programmed the chip again with your xblast sfv. but still no joy, the chip still is not working, i begin to think there is something wrong with the boards or the lc4032 The 49lf080a works if i put it in an aladdin XT chip, so thats good. the LC4032 programs okay without any error. I have checked everything for continuity and i dont have any bridges or lose pins. i am at a lose if anyone have any ideas please let me know !
  4. Hey @KaosEngineer, Thanks for the uploads, i will try it asap, i hope its just the sfv, otherwise i really dont know what i am doing wrong. Regards Nextria
  5. Hey @KaosEngineer Its also up on OSH park : https://oshpark.com/profiles/gothkar I am not 100% the same but i have to check tonight if is still have the original. Do you have a copy of the xblast sfv maybe my got corupted, last time i also had a problem with other files on my drive bing corrupt.
  6. Hey @KaosEngineer I used the xblast svf to program the cpld, it says it programmed corrected. I use a STT49LF080, chip, first I tried to socket it, and later I solderd it directly, I tied the chip in a Aladdin, and it boots normal. So I think its the svf file maybe, but I used it before to make xblast chips from Aladdin XT's.
  7. Hello, I tried to make this chip but i cant seem to get it to boot. i succesfully programmed the chips, but it will not boot. Any advise ?
  8. Hello, thank you, what is the resistor that is needed ?
  9. Have you checked the D0 wire? can you make a picture of your install,
  10. Well it took me a little bit longer because of the flue and other things. I opened up the programmer and found a 3.3V point, soldered a wire to VCC (Vref) and now can program without the need of and external power supply. I want to make a small switch on the side so I can turn it off and on. but will do this another time, (have to get ready to move next month) Made some pictures if anyone is interested,
  11. I will do that, i hope I finish them tonight and maybe look in to modifying the programmer.
  12. I got the Xilinx programmer yesterday and it is working now ! the only downside is, it doesn’t supply the needed 3,3v to the chip. So to program the cpld I need to have it in the Xbox. i wonder if I can modify it the same way like my lattice programmer. on the board I search for a 3,3v pin and connect it to the VCC. And a extra wire to the ground strip around the board. this way it will supply the voltage to the chip and can be programmed outside the Xbox. just need to program the flash inside still the Xbox
  13. Thank @Ryzee119 . I was trying for 2 days but gave up and ordered a Xilinx. hope it will work . I want to say thanks for all your projects!
  14. i just finish soldering 10 pieces, and all have the same problem. I dont know if its to do with the lattice i use, i have ordered a Xilinx too. Hope to get it monday.
  15. It only says the following: --------------Line41--------------: SDR 18 TDI(3FFFD) Expected TDO(00001) Expected MASK(00003) Received TDO(3FFFC) Bits Error 0001: Expected: 1 Received: 0 01/03/20 07:34:30 File e:\openxenium.svf: fail at line#:41(Check the log file for further details) I first thought i had to switch TDO and TDI, but than it gives me an error it cant find the configration. So it sees the chip, but for some reason it will not program it. I saw a video on youtube they programmed the CPLD in the xbox, but thats not necessary right ?
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