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  1. Nevermind - figured out.
  2. I'm trying to set my system start up in 720p. If I go to the MS dashboard from UnleashX menu, change the settings, do a soft reboot UnleashX will come back up in the display settings I've set. If I power off the system and power back on these settings don't save. The only settings that do stick are what I set in the UnleashX dashboard settings. The MS Dashboard reverts back. Any suggestions? Not sure if relevant but: -Using a Pound Technologies HDMI cable -Softmodded xbox using rocky5 migration to sata and upgraded ide cables -Just removed my clock capacitor.
  3. I've recently transplanted my failing and old IDE hard drive to a 2tb expansion with new ribbon cable. Also updated Unleash X to latest build. After I finished this I started to play games like Fight Night Round 3 where you cycle through different character bulids and such.. when customizing it looks like my drive is freezing up. I've also noticed that when trying to play emulation front ends like coinops 8 the loading of some of the larger games like Killer Instinct freeze the system as well. Could the corruption of the old drive follow to the new drive? When I did the system transfer the only items I transferred were the eeprom partitions and saves. I was thinking maybe nulling the drive and then reformatting the other partitions might work? But wanted to see if there are any other suggestions. I've also attempted to launch these in xbmc4gamers but this also causes freezing. Not sure if that should be a separate topic or not.
  4. I wasn't using the right IDE cable. Once I used a 80 wire IDE cable I was able to get it working on the new drive.
  5. Since I didn't softmod my system from the softmodding tool (Only cloned) what directories would I extract to my skins directory to get the standard backgrounds? My best guess is I extract the "ShadowC" and "Softmod" directories into to my skins folder.
  6. Thanks for that info. I'm likely going to use that skin as well. I really just want something functional that looks good on a standard LCD TV.
  7. Ok thank you for that. I enabled G: in the Settings and am now able to see games I put on this partition. Looks like the Dash version I'm on is 0.38.0515A Build 565 so maybe a minor update? Anyways I'm updated now with the G drive showing. Are there any good recommendations for modern skins? I found this lurking through old posts but don't know if there are more around.
  8. Pardon the noobness but I've currently resurrected an Xbox and cloned it to a 2TB hard drive. I've added the latest version I can find of XBMC and am able to see the G: partition in FTP sessions but looks like Unleash X still can't see it? I have a copy of UnleashX_0_39_0528A.rar and wanted to upgrade to that but can't find any resources for updating without the live update feature. Can anyone link any available documentation or possibly some advice on how to proceed? Also, if there is any go-to guides to getting everything current can you please provide some links? Reddit seems to be a little dodgy with content. Thank you for your help!
  9. Ugh.. noob mistake.. my bad. Would it be best to do another clone once I upgrade the IDE cable to the new one? Love how easy this process is btw.. once I read all the fine details
  10. Softmodded Xbox running Unleash X - 160gb HD (Unsure of model but can retrieve if needed.) Using Startech IDE2SAT2 Converter for cloning process set on Slave 2TB WD Blue Drive WD20EZRZ Once this is cloned successfully I planned on using the Kingwin Model ADP-06 I have swapped IDE cables to the converted sata drive with the Startech Adapter and loaded into Chimp successfully Don't care about games but would like to get saves if possible (The drive is also failing) In Chimp I am cloning out C and E partitions and then selecting "G Occupys Space Beyond 137GB" (New to this so not sure if this is the right option to use.) It completes it's process and I power down the system. But am getting an Error 13 when I plug up the hard drive into the master IDE port with both the startech set as "Master" and the Kingpin on both dip switch settings Am I missing something in this process? Do I need to update my dashboard on my original xbox to make chimp compatible?

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